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Welcome Patriots!

Welcome to the newest addition to the Northern Liberty Alliance’s easily accessable eye to all that is related to Liberty and the defense of the rights provided by the Constitution and our founding fathers.

I am DreadPirateRoberts, and will be your host to ongoing blogs about things that are related to the NLA, as well as my own Political views and commentary.  Feel free to comment about the subjects I blog about, and together we will make the Tea Party Movement one which will preserve this nation’s greatest ideals.

I am a bit new to WordPress.  As such, it may take some time to provide the full spectrum that this site has to offer.  But believe me, it is my goal to provide the best viewing experience on the internet.

The NLA is currently undergoing some huge changes.  We are currently integrating a youtube.com site, as well as one on facebook.  It will be our goal to integrate the comments, videos, and photos of ongoing events as we promote this shining movement.

My belief is that the moment when great Americans took to the streets with hand-made signs expressing Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, a great power awoke.  And it is just beginning.  We are seeing an attempt to shape this nation in many dangerous ways.  It is our intent to fight these horrid attempts to subvert the will of the people.   United we can fight them, and I believe united we are–now.

We are seeing paid political groups like ACORN used to influence/steal elections.  We also see how an elite few are pulling the strings in Washington, and their goal is absolute power.  These people would like to pack the courts with their cronies  to make our votes useless.  Our borders are not being defended, and they wish to make legal those who do not consider themselves to be American.  We are seeing an arrogant Congress push 2000 page bills through congress without letting the people read them.  They want our wealth, our guns, and our liberties

What we are seeing is an attempt at a silent takeover of the rights of this American republic.  We can stay silent, but will we?  No!

Our first goal is to eject these people in the elections of 2010.  Let them know fear.


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