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Our Last, Best Chance?

In the ongoing fight to stop the 2000+ page Health care bill, we have pulled out all the stops. Thankfully, the Republicans have held firmly against it, understanding the fury of the people. However, enough Democrats have signed on to let this bill slink through Congress.

Now, as these “Representatives” of the people debate this bill behind closed doors, we wait while gritting our teeth.

The fact that this bill has yet to pass reconciliation to combine the two bills, the House and Senate versions, is a small sign of hope. The house is pushing to put many of it’s more radical concessions in the final version. The Senate wants to limit such additions, fully understanding that it likely won’t pass in that form.

President Obama is flying in to do some arm twisting to build his Leftist legacy, of course.

Where we may find our last, best hope of killing this Bill comes from no other place than the state of Massachusetts.

In a recent poll, Republican Scott Brown is now 4 points ahead of the designated replacement for Democrat Teddy Kennedy, Martha Coakley; This, via the Suffolk University/7News survey. And what is even more surprising is how this poll was sampled: 39 percent Democrat, 15 percent Republican and 45 percent unenrolled. It certainly cannot be said that this poll undersamples Democrats. And notice the term “unenrolled”; A great deal of this portion of the poll ARE the Tea party members.

We cannot assume victory just yet. The simple fact is that Democrat shenanigans are definitely in play via ACORN and the corruption that is nationwide Chicago-style politics. But, if things are going in the direction the way they seem to be, even the Democrats won’t be able to falsify enough votes to elect Coakley.

Should Brown win, the Dems will play their last hand; Namely, they will try mightily to slow down the process of seating him in the U.S. Senate. This is where we come in: We need to prepare to flood the phone lines to amp up the pressure at the first sign of this action.

Perhaps, the election of Scott Brown is a glimmer of hope. And we can thank the Tea Party for it.

Fix Bayonets…


Quick updates (2:48 pm):

Charles Schumer has reportedly called Brown a “Far right Tea-bagger…” (I guess we know who the enemy is now, don’t we?)

Brown raised one million dollars each and every day this week;  I call that “Hope for change”, but perhaps not the type the Left likes.

President Obama has broken down and decided to visit Mass. on Sunday, despite the very real threat of having another loss blamed on his campaigning.  (If Coakley loses, can there be any doubt that it a very bad thing to have Barack Obama give you his “curse of death” aka a campaign visit?

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