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Tea Party Takeover

While listening  to Lew Latto’s show this morning, I heard him speaking about a new movement among Tea Party members–namely the taking of Republican Precinct committeeman positions in many districts.  Basically the Tea Party is taking over, if you will.  I know this will strike some as something that we in the movement would like to avoid, but at the same time we must remain pragmatic.  The fact is that if we do not utilize a party, it will be very hard to make an impression upon our nation.  Sure, we could form a new party and jettison the Republicans who have forgotten their roots, or we could take that party and make it the party it was during the Reagan era.

The Democratic leadership hopes that we will fragment ourselves among the Republicans, Independents, and Libertarian candidates.  This is because, if this were to happen, they win.  I am not saying that you should never support an Independent or Libertarian candidate, but if they are at 10% in the polls versus their opponents, it isn’t happening.

By taking these Precinct committeeman positions we put ourselves in a place where we can put the Tea Party in position to challenge the Democrats.  We have never been in a better place to do just this, and it is the great fear of the Left.  If nothing else, we will be hedging our bets.

But, we cannot allow our ideals to falter in this goal.  We will change this nation in the image that the our founders believed in, a nation of Liberties and limited govt, but we will let no party change us.


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  1. January 16, 2010 at 2:44 am

    I had no idea what was coming down the road nine months ago when the April 15th Tea Party took place. I wondered if it would be a passing fancy or if the people really had the balls to stick it out. I’m proud of the American people who have been supporting the Tea Party movement. It’s down right American!

  2. Big Bad Bob
    January 18, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    Much like the Progressives took over the Democrat Party, I am hopeful that either the mid-stream American Tea Party movement will either takeover the Republican Party or start a new political party. Obviously it’s timelier to takeover than starting an effective and successful third party. Time will tell.

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