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MSNBC Comedy

The news coverage of MSNBC has gone from being hopelessly lopsided, to being completely comical. From what began as a slobbering admiration of then candidate for President Barack Obama (which still has barely dimmed), we have arrived now at a point where we can see the true face of the Left. And it ain’t pretty.

What few people know about MSNBC is that they are owned by General Electric corporation, and GE’s hope for business via the gifting of Government contracts (in such things as alternative energy, CO2 control, and the healthcare industry) worth up to 100 billion dollars.

Crony Capitalism? Yes. All out bribery in exchange for favorable news coverage? Probably.

With the probable victory of Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senatorial special election, MSNBC is going into high gear to try to smear the adversary of Obamism.

Let the comedy and corruption begin:

No guys, we don’t hate you. We don’t have much hatred to offer, or we would apply for a job on MSNBC.

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