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The shot heard round’ the world

And the people roared.

It was a message that by all accounts should be clear to our politicians: We do not want our country destroyed via your Marxist vision. Sure, you promised us all “change” but you never defined what that change was. Had we known it involved converting one-sixth of the American economy involved in healthcare into a Govt. program, we would have said no. Did we understand your goal of taxing every business, household, and even the very human being based on “Global Warming”? Or that this effort would be more of a way to control and possess the wealth and power of the American electorate, or line your friends pockets? Did you mention that you wanted to give Amnesty to 20 million illegal immigrants and their extended families, or that you would extend constitutional rights to terrorists in Gitmo–and at a cost of 200 million dollars/yr? Did you speak of strictly regulating firearms to satisfy your friends in Handgun control Inc. and the Brady organization?

Basically, you sold us all a fraud, and with media help quite a few American’s bought it–hook, line, and sinker. What a difference a year makes.

Scott Brown ran as the People’s candidate. He went forth and campaigned mightily from his aging pickup truck, rather than scooting about in his new Toyota Prius. He campaigned on squashing the oppressive 2000 page Obamacare boondoggle. To cheers of “41” he addressed the crowd last night, and took the mantle of “American Change”–a change that builds jobs by getting out of the way, by advancing tax cuts, and by working as hard for the people as he did on the campaign trail.

The Democrat party woke up with a huge hangover today. Their own membership seems to be leaving them (or did they leave their members?) in favor of the Tea-party chosen. They are seething with great and furious anger mixed with a measure of confusion and terror. But will this stop them, or even make them moderate? I doubt it. Recently, I have been hearing of comparisons between Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. They say that both started as renowned speakers, both pushing a personal agenda that seemed improbable at first, but that in the end (at least in Reagan’s case) led to American prosperity. You see, to the Left they see no difference between Reagan’s agenda and Obama’s. They think people voted for Obama based on his beliefs, but actually the voted for him due to his image. Reagan ran on his personal beliefs from the start, as did Scott Brown.

Think about it, Ronald Reagan ran on smaller Government, a strong defense, reduced regulations, and on allowing the people to act with freedom in business and in life. He spoke of a “Shining City on the Hill” called America, and he believed in it. He loved his country.

Barack Obama is diametrically opposed to Reagan in philosophy. He grew up in relative ease in Hawaii, and when he went to college his first mentor was a renowned Communist. His move to Chicago was his rebirth as a “community organizer” where he became a lawyer for the completely corrupt ACORN. His baptism came via a domestic terrorist and radical William Ayers. It was during this time that Obama was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America. The Church he chose was the home of radical Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright. Wright’s daily sermon’s were generally based on a hatred for the United States. His “No, no, no, not God Bless America! God D*** America! God D*** America!!” is now famous.

Yet America ignored these facts, and elected him. Perhaps we learned a lesson and tried to rectify it last night. We need to elect our politicians based on their beliefs.

And Obama’s type, the true-believer, will not likely learn from the Mass. election. They hold an almost religious fervor for complete govt. Control via the Marxist model. We will have many fights ahead.

Stay vigilant, remain aware, and let them know fear.


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  1. January 21, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    As you well know I am deeply enveloped in reality and not fantasy. Fantasy is thinking that this recent success is the end of Obamas strangle hold over the nation. Reality is that this success will fade in the coming days and new challenges will arise. We must not lose site of the grass roots movement and what it is all about. If not for the American people up rising and taking to the streets Brown would never had been elected. Freedom has no legs of it’s own. The American people must provide those legs as freedom cannot prevail without the will of the people. The Fight Is Not Over!

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