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Freedom of Speech, Victorious

When President Bush signed McCain/Feingold, also known as the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, I saw storms in the distance. What would happen when corporations and organizations such as the National Rifle Association (even Unions) were stripped of their ability to donate albeit large sums of money to campaigns? I theorized that the Left would dominate in this environment. Why? Because they control the media, including Hollywood. And it was in this way that every action of President Bush was demonized. You saw the dawn of Michael Moore, George Soros, Air America, and MSNBC. The idea was to shape the American people by deluging them with propaganda on their daily news, in their entertainment, and in their classrooms. In this way, a new Leftist America would be born, not via political or philosophical insight, but because “I heard it on…” would become the basis of fact.

This decision does not make it so we have to believe every advertisement promoted, it is our choice and intelligence that do that, but rather rebalances the tables from Left to Center Right, and from Socialism to Capitalism.

A good example of this phenomenon would be the entire “Global Warming” facade. You had Al Gore (a student who, in the day, almost flunked out of college) promoting a movie stating that the world would end if we didn’t become highly taxed, obedient, and robotic “Good people”. Gore’s book and movie were then distributed to schools and children forced to watch it, with the not so subtle message “Obey or you are killing baby polar bears”. A small group of UN Scientists went along, stating that a world body would have to regulate and tax carbon emissions, with themselves (and elitist Democrats) deciding where the money would go. Often, that destination was partly aimed at their own pockets.

Energy and Utility Companies, who simply provide a product, were denied the ability to set the record straight via McCain/Feingold. They were threatened by politicians with “Windfall profit taxes” and even nationalization to keep their mouths shut.

But it was a lawsuit against McCain/Feingold that said that it is every man’s right, no matter how poor or rich, to be heard. It was a challenge to McCain/Feingold on it’s Constitutionality, and yesterday by a 5-4 decision, they won.

The Left is beside themselves with rage. Part of the plan was to control the message, and now a very Capitalist message would be heard. It could elect other “Scott Brown” candidates. They are responding that they will legislate to make this decision mute. Think of the significance of this: They are saying that they don’t believe in free speech, and are willing to pass a Bill to reduce that 1st Amendment right. Amazing, and Terrifying.

But we are seeing who they are. Their masks have fallen for all to see, revealing the hideous countenance of corruption and bared fangs. And those fangs are aimed at the American people’s throats.

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