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The Boorish Senator Arlen Specter

Tea partiers take note: You can change your party, but you can’t change your “spots”. Few remember that Arlen Specter was once a Democrat and lawyer who cleverly got Ira Einhorn, 60’s radical guru, released on bail for the hideous murder of his girlfriend. Einhorn then promptly fled overseas to countries he felt were Liberal enough to protect him from extradition. It took years to finally broker a deal to get this murderer returned and he now resides in Prison (although he has been spared the death penalty). No wonder Lew Latto has lawyers so low on his “food chain”.

Arlen Specter became a Republican, or should I say RINO, out of political convenience. He became a thorn in the side of Conservatives on many issues, and his type are the reason that Republicans were kicked out in huge numbers in 2 major elections. Specter then became a Democrat, again out of a need for political survival. His beliefs never changed, he just changed names. The Left is the Left.

You don’t have to watch very closely to understand that the Left is filled with hatred. You can listen to Air America–oh wait, they went out of business yesterday–or you can watch the low rated MSNBC. You can read a recent post on this blog showing Keith Olbermann calling Scott Brown some horrible things. But he does this same act every night, doesn’t he? Yet, the members of the Left have no problem calling out Dick Cheney for telling Dick Durbin to “Go F*** yourself” when Durbin smarmily put his arm around the Vice President on the floor of the house of Representatives. Strange.

Not all Democrats are Liberals of that type. Or they still believe their party is the one led by great men like John F Kennedy (Sure, he was imperfect in some ways, but he was never a full-tilt Leftist). It is time for Democrats to wake up to the fact that their party has left them. The party of “Rights for the common man” has become one who wants to install the shackles on the common man today. They disdain you. They laugh at the fact you drive a truck, do not attend their parties, drink beer, take your coffee black, and you own a gun or two.

To the Democrat politician today, you are someone who simply needs to shut up and sit down. You are worth little more than a vote, and that vote is something you OWE them, not something they have to earn.

This brings me to my video/audio presentation to illuminate this fact. Michelle Bachmann, regardless of your feelings on her politically, is not a bad person. She sides with freedom and against govt control more than most. To the very minimum, she deserves the respect of her colleagues, but Specter is a cad as this video makes abundantly clear.

Can you imagine a Republican mistreating Hillary Clinton like this? If it happened could you imagine women ignoring it?

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