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Political perseverance and focus

With the instrumental “last, best chance” election of Scott Brown in the Democratic stronghold of Massachusetts, it is easy to be swept up in the uphoria of the win, but forget the high standards we need to set. We must remember that there will be times when we will support Republican candidates, and times when we should challenge them. To revert to our formerly slumbering (or perhaps a bit lazy) condition of an electorate that simply pulls all the “R” levers in the voting booth, would be a mistake. Don’t get me wrong, in the upcoming elections, it is very likely the better candidate to choose between and incumbant Democrat and a Republican challenger will likely be a Republican. But the continual drift we have seen to the Left by both parties HAS to be halted, and we must make that action real.

An example of said perseverance and focus would be the primary campaign between Senator John McCain and challenger J.D. Hayworth.
First of all, Senator McCain has been a thorn in the side of Conservative/Tea party advocates for much of the Bush Administration. Sure, for about 80% of the time he votes correctly for most of our beliefs–give or take. But on the issues that drive our movement and passion most, McCain has often taken the other side of the issue. On Amnesty for the 20 million illegals (and their extended families) John McCain was a strong advocate on the wrong side. On the provision of Constitutional rights for terrorism suspects not residing in the United States, he was wrong. He even made the statement that we were violating the Geneva Convention for said suspects, despite the fact that these individuals wear no uniform, and swear allegiance to no one country. He has been strongly in favor of the Global Warming fraud, and mildly favorable to the horrific Carbon cap and trade legislation. These are a few issues, but they are some of the worst for us.

Between the two candidates, Hayworth is the more ideologically Conservative. And he opposes McCain on the issues we favor. It would be logical for us to support Hayworth.

Why are Sarah Palin and Scott Brown supporting McCain? That is what we need to understand. Yes, one can understand Brown repaying McCain for his support of his campaign. But it is my belief that there is little reason for Palin to be a supporter, and far less to campaign for the Senator. It is obvious that the McCain campaign was filled with RINOs who purposely helped demonize Sarah Palin, even if this meant them losing the campaign. To them, the idea that “We need to respect our fine opponent Barack Obama” seemed more important than the truth of Obama’s radical past. It was their mushy “middleness” that helped elect our current President.

Let me be blunt, there would have been no time during Senator McCain’s run for President when he would have been leading in the polls without Palin. His first inclination, and McCain’s plan, was to have Joe Leiberman as his running mate. This takes “reaching across the aisle” too far, in my opinion.

We cannot stop any individual from supporting Senator McCain, nor should we try. It is our individual Constitutional right to support anyone we want. However, we do not need to look to these individuals for guidance, either. We must stand ideologically and philosophically with the best candidate, at least during the primary runoff. Even if we lose in that endeavor, we can make our point clear to those who would press abhorrent legislation under the guise of “party B”. This is also what I mean by “Let them know fear”; If we push to remove so-called “Republicans” who refuse to listen to us, continue to spend like drunken sailors, and joyfully talk about “middle ground” on issues repugnant to the American electorate, then they will be removed at the ballot box.

On the issue of J.D. Hayworth, we should lend him our support to remove Senator McCain. But we also should know that many other foes of McCain (should Hayworth lose) will be much worse than he. At that point we need to size up our decision of support. Remember, it was only one vote that almost lost us our ability to stop Obamacare.

Stand strong, be true to yourselves, and let them know fear.


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  1. January 24, 2010 at 2:42 am

    Scott Brown has won an election that helped the health care bill be stopped in it tracks. But this is what I hear on FOX and other news cast: The “Republicans” have regained traction. The “Republicans” have won a victory. The “Republicans” are back on course. A “Republican” has taken Kennedy’s seat. Bull Shit! The “Republicans” haven’t done a DAMN THING!

    All due respect to FOX, they have taken in consideration that the Tea Party rallies are what helped get the Republican Scott Brown elected. But, a message needs to also be sent to the Republican party as did Scott Browns election sent a message to the Dems. THE PEOPLE are in charge of this country, not the freaking politicians!

    A race is beginning in Arizona for Sen. John McCain. You remember him don’t you? The guy that said “Don’t be afraid of Obama.” The guy that basically threw us all under the bus in the last presidential election. Pay close attention to this election as it may be even more important than the Massachusetts. It may show just how strong willed the American people are to make certain that the people elected into office are the right ones for the job.

    J.D. Hayworth will be running against McCain. Check the voting history of both candidates and decide who should be best for the job. Wether or not you can vote in the election doesn’t make a difference. Your voice must be heard. Congress must open their ears. All politicians who govern this great country must take head that the average American can, in one short year, become educated enough to learn and know what evil little tricks are being dealt behind closed doors!

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