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Obamacare R.I.P. ??

Hotair has a great article on this.

Basically, according to Dick Morris, rather than moderating their stance on Obamacare the Democrats were devising a fiendish plan to promise their more Liberal members that if they pass the Senate bill, they will revisit it later to FIX it. In other words, they would then attempt to reinsert every destructive amendment they can and pass “Obamacare Part Deux: The Final Straw” via reconciliation, where they would only need 51 votes for passage.

Well, that WAS the plan, but not so fast.

Two Democrats, Congessmen Bayh and Lincoln, have already said they will not participate in the strategy. I guess there are some people who want to get reelected, huh?

And perhaps the stake that was pressed against the chest of the monstrosity is being hammered in by Senatorial Republicans, who dared the leadership to try it, and they will heap an untold number of Amendments on the bill, and less than a year before many would have to run for reelection:

“If you bring a reconciliation bill to the Senate, it’s a free for all of amendments,” the GOP aide said, cautioning that this was only part of the overall strategy. “There is no way to limit the number of amendments that are voted on. You can’t close debate. Democrats will have to vote on every politically perilous amendment that you can possibly think of.”

So, is the monster dead? It would appear to be so. But what further punishment will the all the President’s men have in store for us in the next year?

“Ding, Dong the Witch is dead…”


  1. January 28, 2010 at 2:29 am

    Very well put. Nice article.

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