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Distaste of the Nation

I can see the commercial now, “The new, improved “O”–now with added populisma!” See Chris Matthews as he says he “forgot he was Black for about an hour”. Sheesh. I think he almost another “tingle”.

Yes, I watched the entire speech so you didn’t have to. Let me summarize it as best I can:

The tenor of the President was one that drifted back and forth between stubborn adherance to Leftism and attempted empathy and dare I say, “hope”. Those that expected a repentant Obama, sorry it ain’t happening. What this really was was an attempt to channel Bill Clinton. Sorry Barack, we knew Bill Clinton, some loved Bill Clinton (not me), but you are no Bill Clinton.

Some Major Points:

I counted at least 3-4 separate occasions of blaming every ill upon the Bush Administration. There was not much soul searching from the President.

Blame was also heaped on Wall street and bankers, and Obama said that the taxes he wants to heap on both will be for the American people. Oh really? I really doubt that any money gleaned in taxes will make to toward paying down the deficit.

Blame was also directed toward the Republicans several times, and while he urged Democrats to stay the course, he scolded Repubs for not getting with the show.

Devil’s in the details:

(wants) “Govt that matches decency” Aka More social spending.

If not for the bailout, we would have “double the unemployment”; Oh really? So unemployment would be 20% right now? I am relieved–we’re saved!

“We have not raised taxes, not even once”; You didn’t get to it, that is why we opposed cap and trade and the Healthcare scam.

Must push “Big Agenda”; Oh-oh…

Must “cut risk”; All Capitalism requires risk. This might be bad for stock growth.

American innovation requires “investment”; Oh boy, more spending.

“Nation that leads the green economy will lead the world…”; Oh really? Please explain why this would be the case. China does better every year with zero “Green energy”.

Spending freeze won’t begin until next year, because we have too many people to take care of; This led the Republicans to laugh out loud, much to the irritation of the sour-faced Barack Obama.

“With all due respect to separation of powers” (in referencing the Supreme court striking down a large portion of McCain/Feingold); If you have to say “with all do respect” then you have no respect. I expect that the Dems will try to get around the Supreme Court decision.

“Growing consequences” toward Iran; Oh, and what would those “consequences” be? So far, you have done nothing.

Spoke of the “American Values” of all people; The President was referencing illegals at this point of the speech. Can you say “Amnesty”?

“Selfish gain”; Obviously a shot at Capitalism.

“Fight” “We won’t quit-I don’t quit”; In other words, “If you wanted me to move to the center, forget it.”

The President did talk about building more Nuclear power plants and opening up offshore areas to oil/natural gas exploration, which brought a cheer from the Repub. side of the aisle. BUT, in the same area of the speech, he also talked about passing the house bill in the Senate–and this IS Carbon cap and trade (a huge tax).

And it appears that the President has not given up on the horrible Healthcare issue yet, as he still wants passage of the oiriginal bill. This guy doesn’t learn.

Basically, the entire speech was just a retooled “O” speech from a year ago. The only difference was that someone has convinced him that he looks too stiff and cold, and doesn’t embrace a love of his country. And if you need someone to tell you to do these things, then they are not your beliefs in the first place.

In the end, I declare “Shenanigans” on almost the entire speech. Why? Because I fear that the only parts that we can believe are the ones where the President talks about increasing taxes or government.


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  1. January 29, 2010 at 2:46 am

    I was only able to watch about 10 minutes. What I noticed is the rather unhappy faces of the Supreme Court justices and I also noticed some “African American” women doing the “you go girl” dance when people stood to applaud. My mind was saying “huh?”

    Also, did anyone notice how incredibly droopy Pelosi’s face got when she relaxed from smiling so intensely? It reminded me of Popeye’s friend who still owes him several hundred dollars for past eaten hamburgers. “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” I know, it sounds like Obama’s budget plan. LOL!

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