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A Government by, and for, the Government

No, I did not get this wrong, I wrote the title of this article to make a point. President Obama, in his recent comments to members of the Republican party, seemed to smirk at the idea that some would think that Obamacare is a “Bolshevik plot” l. Isn’t it, Mr President? I know this was an attempt to make anyone who makes this claim out to be a wingnut, but such comparisons do have merit, you must admit.

Bob Hansen sent me a fantastic article by Conservative Patrick J Buchanan, titled “Crisis of the Government Party”.

Buchanan makes the same point that Government itself is like an insatiable monster that will eventually consume all. And why this happens is that the more people who depend on it, the more Government becomes both intrenched and indestructable.

Buchanan states:

Democrats are the Party of Government. They feed it, and it feeds them. The larger government grows, the more agencies that are created, the more bureaucrats who are hired, the more people who become beneficiaries, the more deeply entrenched in power the Party of Government becomes.

Surely Obama is putting us on when he says that Obamacare is a “moderate” bill. He knows that his attempts at expanding Government will surely increase his own party’s dominance in Washington, as well. It is all about the number of Govt employees and the number of people who rely on govt.

At the local, state and federal level, there are 19 million to 20 million government employees. And if one takes only Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and earned income tax credits, we are talking of scores of millions who depend on government checks for the necessities of their daily life.

These vast armies of voters — these tens of millions of government employees and scores of millions of government beneficiaries — are the big battalions of the Party of Government. They provide implacable resistance to any party that pledges to cut or curtail government. For they are fighting for their livelihood.

But, states Buchanan, this is also Obama’s dilemma: How to feed the beast. The “progressives” (aka Liberals, Socialists) will not settle for anything less than what could be termed “full-blown Marxism” at this point, and this makes it very hard to push an actual centrist bill. The monster has power and must be fed, and what do monsters do when they are denied food? The often eat their master.

I was recently watching a movie made in in Czechoslovakia called “Little Otik”, which makes this point well. In the movie, a barren couple so want a child as to be at the point of desperation. When the husband buys weekend property and digs up a stump, it so resembles a human baby that he cleans it up, applies some varnish and presents it to his wife, half in jest. What he didn’t know was that his wife would consider it a real baby and it would consume her entire world.
After suckling the wooden “Child” for the first time, it comes to life, and is very hungry. And it’s hunger doesn’t stop. It eats everything in the home, and eventually the mailman knocks on the door to deliver priority mail. When the husband and wife return they find nothing but bones on the floor, with a sleeping (and now very large) Otik sleeping and somewhat satisfied for the moment. Eventually the “child” devours many other people before, at the end, a rugged old woman takes her hoe down to finish off “baby” Otik.

Obama liked to say “Believe” but when we believe that Government is God, Mother, Father, Benefactor, and employer, we no longer own the “Beast” it owns us. And when it is hungry enough, it will eat us all.


Just out interest, you might want to know that “little Otik” was also called “Otesanek”; In Czech, that name actually means “hungry guts” and is the title of an actually Fairy tale. It pretty much sums up my feelings about Govt., too.

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