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Jousting with Windfarms

HotAir has an article on the 3.3 million dollars that Minnesota invested on 11 wind turbines, and how none of them work in the winter. Click here to read the full article.

It seem that the company that Minnesota bought these from said they would work in the cold of Minnesotan winters. Surely, a lawsuit is imminent. As it stands right now they are talking about having to heat the hydraulic fluid so they can spin–an effort that will surely require energy. And considering that the cost and frequent maintenance of wind turbines already makes them a “green folly”, this will make any chance at seeing these go in the black almost impossible.

Suppose that it takes the same amount of energy to heat the oil as they produce? Wouldn’t it be better to just shut them down in the winter? Of course, most of these forms of energy production are dubious, and rather meant to make us feel good about “being green”.

Just listen to the Chaska employee toward the end of the youtube clip express how it is a “Good project, we just want them to spin”. What are these, works of art? Or, how a Chaska teacher was going to use the wind-turbines in Chaska for her “lesson plants” (surely, along with Al Gore’s movie) but has not decided that was not such a good idea. I have to say, I do agree with the teacher on that issue.


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