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Why Barry is the way he is

If you thought that Barack Obama was being uncharacteristically free with other people’s money (the next budget deficit is over 3 trillion and rising) well then–you don’t know Barry.

Illinois is a sinking cesspool of budgetary malfeasance and debt, and with a crime rate that is exploding. Is that the “Change” we were told about? Oh wait, we weren’t told about it, were we?

I found this interesting site HERE that tells you just what Barry was fleeing–the sinking ship that IS Illinois.

So what did Senator Obama do for Illinois? Were his amazing skills able to solve the budget ills, or balance the budget, or bring unemployment down? Did he solve the problems of crime that have led to a high rate of youth murder?

Unfortunately, the answer is no to all those questions.

And yet, he was elected to the most powerful elected office in the world. Strange, don’t you think?


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