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He’s a real slow learner…

The art of politics lies in observation. Truth can usually be found there when all else is meaningless. I had a discussion with a friend not so long ago, speaking about a time when he really could have cared less about politics. To him, at the time, I probably seemed a bit rabid in my feelings, and about my belief that America’s very freedom was under attack. Alot has happened since then, and he is now almost (while not as rabid) as concerned as I.

Knowledge is always around us, we but need to look for it. It is our concern that make us aware. Only then can we seek out knowledge or look for treachery.

An example of the “signs” that we can look for are pretty evident in the words and actions of the Obama Administration. The President himself was elected by not telling us who he really was with a helpful media for cover. Truly, Barack Obama is the first pre-packaged media sold Presidential candidate. And he came at a perfect time for his election; He had a pitiful opponent in John McCain, a lame duck President that had been bludgeoned for 8 yrs with nary a whimper of defense, and a youthful crowd who, while they did wear Che Gueverra T-shirts, had never seen or felt true Leftism.

Even now, President Obama is putting on a show. He is telling us that he is centrist, and we have more to fear by not accepting his views and policies than doing nothing. But, this act is getting pretty thin. People know that spending our children and grandchildren into poverty is hardly a policy. Unless that policy happens to be “Operation Destroy America” that is.

We see Obama’s radical roots if we watch and listen closely. Just recently he criticized Las Vegas in a speech. And this is the second time he has done so. This brought forth the mayor of Las Vegas with some very powerful and true words, ending in “He’s a real slow learner.”. People are starting to notice. The truth is that Barack Obama does not believe in capitalism at all. He believes in Marxism. The proof is in his actions and complete stubborn adherance to them. Leftists never admit that Marxism is a world failure, even though if it were a funded experiment, it would have been jettisoned as unfeasable long ago. At this point, being a Marxist is similar to believing that the Earth is flat–you can do it, but don’t expect to ever be able to prove it.

If you watch who and what the President attacks, you understand his politics: Las Vegas, Wall Street, the Auto manufacturers (unless he can control them), and big business (unless they provide him with free campaign time like GE/MSNBC).

And then watch who and what he embraces: Carbon cap and trade, U.N. control of our laws, gun control, illegal immigration/Amnesty, Taxation, increasing govt staff, spending huge sums of money on personal vacations to hawaii, ect. To understand the man, his ego, and his belief that he is a King rather than a man, tells you about that man’s politics.

The simple fact that the American people are waking up to his political radicalism is likely still lost on the President. Sure, he knows he is losing many battles, but has convinced himself that this is due to not giving the right speech. To the Leftist, it is always about “making the little people understand”, and when their beliefs are rebuked, watch out. Their hatred of the average American is boundless.

My prediction is that we will see this reaction before long.


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