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New Polls define Tea party outrage

Two polls recently released by Fox News sum up the feelings of Americans who strongly disagree with the direction the Obama Administration is taking the country in.

The first poll defines 54% of Americans as being “frustrated” and another 32% as “angry” over the immense deficit spending.

Some other interesting details:

47% believe that President Obama’s so-called “spending freeze” is nothing more than a gimmick.

57% believe that polticians are trying to do “too much” in passing radical legislation like Socialized Healthcare and Carbon Cap and trade.

56% say that, in regards to America’s economic future, that “the worst is yet to come”; A very gloomy view, you must admit.

66% of those polled said “cutting taxes” was the best way to stimulate the economy over those who favored the Obama route of massive spending.

The other poll asks the question, “how would the founding fathers feel about how things are going in Washington today?”

First of all, the President never talks about the founding fathers. It is my deep impression that he does not like them. Perhaps his view of America is more shaped by other philosophers and writers, judging his apparent disdain for these great men.

So what would the “founding fathers” think about the Govt. of Reid, Pelosi, and Obama?

84% of Americans would think that the founding fathers would be very unhappy about how Washington is running the country they set up so long ago.

When broken down by party, this does not change that much:

77% of Democrats agreed.

92% of Republicans.

81% of Independents.

I would define this as a very Conservative outlook, considering the fact that most progressives believe that the America of the time of the founding fathers would adhere much more closely to the Constitution, as well as be one of much less govt.

To summarize, I think these polls state what we already know; Americans believe that the Democrats are taking the U.S. on a route to Marxism, and they don’t agree with it. Judging from the numbers in these polls, the Democrats have quite a bit to worry about in the upcoming congressional elections.


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