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Detroit Broke City

In a city which might well make a great set for “Escape from Detroit”, a futuristic thriller starring Kurt Russell as he is forced, yet again, to go into one of our decimated cities to kick butt and take names, it is Steven Crowder who details the real life fate of the “Motor City”.

Walking in a wasteland that was once the bustling heart of the American economy, Crowder explains exactly why Detroit became one of the murder capitals of the world: Namely, it was Liberalism that killed the motor beast.

From decades of Democrat rule, Detroit has become a sink hole of Government funding. And just like we are seeing in Haiti, when you give someone something for free, it makes them apathetic about the thing they are given. If you got a free car, would you treat it as well as one that took you 6 years to earn to money to buy? You see my point.

Unions have also helped destroy the fabric of the once great city. From lavish benefits for auto workers, which certainly might be considered a good thing to them, are killing the auto companies. Do they care? I think they don’t believe it will happen, after all won’t Obama just nationalize them? And educational unions have led to a city where Billy can’t read, and drops out to be a drug dealer.

Marxism is like a drug, and just like Methamphetamine, it consumes the very soul in time.

A great video, although a bit long, but well worth watching.


  1. AWB
    February 10, 2010 at 2:39 pm

    (Long Read):

    Hey man, I’m a huge Kurt Russell nut!

    At the rate things are going, if they make a threequel, it’ll be entitled: “Escape From Earth: Enter Metal Gear.” [When I was a kid, I use to play a game entitled “Metal Gear Solid”. Snake Plisskin (Kurt Russell in the Movies, David Hayter in the Game) was the main character of that, so I’d hope they’d tie that in the third film, if it were ever to be made, Kurt has expressed interest in doing it].

    Also, while “Grind-House: Death-Proof” was great, I find it pretty difficult that Kurt would be taken out by a bunch of women and a kick at the end…Maybe they’ll have ‘Stunt-Man-Mikes Double-Revenge’ or something in a future GrindHouse? No?!


    Communism is rather like a parasite. It eventually kills the host and it dies as well. An easy way around it is to remember, the government exists to serve you, not the other way around.

    Most unions are also Masonically managed (this way you covertly control both sides and very few are the wiser) so it’s not really an opposition, as much as it’s a ‘controlled-opposition’.

    Much like how many Police agencies/organizations worldwide now provocateur riots anytime the public comes out to protest a bad decision, or meetings between members of international governments, corporations, etc. which are held in secret.

    They then use the staged riot to shut down free-speech across large sections of the city – and at most, designate ‘free-speech zones’ far away from the public square, where you’re protest won’t garner any significant attention…By the way, this isn’t mere speculation, it’s admitted!


    Still, I wouldn’t mind Kurt Russell diving in and doing his ‘one-man-infiltration, kill the baddies, overthrow the political tyrants, save the world, rescue the damsel in distress’ deal again!

    I just saw “Tombstone” (1993) a few days ago. Good movie, albeit a western. More incentive to be pro-second amendment.

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