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Global Warming and the big money connection

Duluth, MN is in the running for a proposed wind turbine project that supposedly will provide 1500 jobs to the area. Sounds good, right?
But what struck me as odd is that these projects are very expensive and produce a very small amount of energy. A Chaska, MN windfarm has actually come to a complete halt due to the cold we are experiencing. So why would a private company from Europe want to come into Duluth to make a wind farm? I have one guess: Federal Dollars

We are seeing what appears to be the greatest transfer of money in U.S. History to these types of projects, all based on President Obama’s “Clean Energy” initiative. But, what does it mean when states fight over govt dollars for projects which amount to nothing? What we are talking about are “Earmarks” or if you load a Bill with said Earmarks, known as “Pork”.

Remember the “bridge to nowhere”?

After looking into the Duluth project and the organization known as the “Area Parnership for economic expansion” (APEX) I found they were getting large money “Grants” from another organization called the “Knights foundation”. Here is where it got interesting.

The saying is “follow the money” so this is what I did.

The Knights foundation’s mission statement says this:

to seek opportunities that can transform both communities and journalism, and help them reach their highest potential. We want to ensure that each community’s citizens get the information they need to thrive in a democracy.

I keyed on the word “transformational” as I found it interesting. What I found out about that transformation was that the Knights foundation seems to be geared to handing huge money to independent (and what appear to be often Leftist) media upstarts and other organizations such as the “National Immigration Forum” an organization that seems intent on making it easier for Illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S.A.

Following the money further, to discover where much of the money that Knights was recieving led me to George Soros’ “Open Society Institute”. The plot thickens? Perhaps.

What I found is that many of these “organizations” speak very moderately, but that they also often use the words “Progressive” and “Transform” as well.

Could there be a connection between Soros and the attempts to bolster a very weak and dying Liberal media? It is pretty clear he would enjoy this if he could make it happen.

But getting back to the Duluth windfarm, I found out something even more interesting. APEX says in their news release that they are bound by contract to not declare what company is interested in providing this “boon” to the Duluth economy. Why? If Ford wanted to build a plant and were looking to locate in Duluth, Milwaukee, or Bismark, wouldn’t they say they were looking?

This is where I wondered–Does Soros have any money in the “Clean Energy” movement? The answer is yes. He invested 1 billion dollars in companies dealing in green energy. Further, I could not find out the names of those companies. Hmm.

And who was a major contributor to Senator Barack Obama in running for President? George Soros and his various 527 organizations.

Is the entire “Clean Energy” scam merely payback to the President’s biggest contributor? I don’t know, but I find the connections interesting.

Just look at the connection between General Electric and the President’s proposed Socialized Healcare and carbon capt and trade bills: GE is already making a play in the “Green” market, as well as trying to get the contract to deal in the medical records of the Americans in the system. We are talking about billions of dollars in wealth to GE.

And what media outlet is owned by GE? MSNBC of course.

We know that the recent fraud of the UN’s IPCC for providing fraudulant data supposedly “proving” man-made global warming and then destroying said data to cover their tracks, as well as the record cold and snowfalls this year, have made it very difficult to sell “Global Warming”.

But what news organization came out in the last few days to say that the heavy snowfalls were caused by Global Warming? You got it, MSNBC.

I’m not taking about a conspiracy theory, but one cannot ignore the dubious tentacles of George Soros in much of this farce. If it were true, and Soros was trying to get money from a worldwide hoax, wouldn’t this be the largest theft in American History?



  1. AWB
    February 14, 2010 at 12:31 am

    Great post again! (Think I’ll add you to my blog-roll).

    I noticed you mentioned President Obama’s “Clean Energy” initiative. Something people tend to misunderstand is that Coal (for example) is not ‘dirty’ as people will say, there’s plenty of clean burning coal…

    But it’s more than just that. Not only is there no Global-Warming Crises, there is no desire on behalf of the ‘Eco/Tax-Class’ to want to actually ‘save’ the environment.

    The ruling class (the one the media and Soros-types, doesn’t like to talk about) doesn’t want you and me to know about the many free-energy alternatives…I’m not just talking about hi-tech ‘Zero-Point Energy’ devices (extracting energy from the aether, literally nothing, space itself in a sense – I could be using a misleading metaphor, but I’d say I’m in the ballpark) but also low-tech like this guy (Paul Pantone) who created the GEET-Fuel Processor.

    Paul was willing to give his ‘implosion-engine’ away, even for free to a corporation able and willing to mass-produce it. They instead wanted him to stop selling and giving out the instructions to produce it.

    Oil Companies (and I think the API) offered him and his wife (Molly) $4 billion to sell the blueprints to his device, and then after they would have secured the rights to his device, they would NOT produce it.

    (Think about it, if you’re a massive oil-consortium (Read: cartel) and someone makes a product that makes your product (oil) essentially obsolete (for transportation and powering uses, anyway) would you want someone to challenge your monopoly? Or do away with them post-haste?)

    They even went around to local part-stores; bribing, ordering and threatening, the dealers to stop selling the materials to him. He was later (I think in 2006) arrested on bogus-securities frauds charges (he might be out, now).

    His website (http://geet-pantone.com/) is down, but I think there are copies of it out on the internet. Also GEET.Com in Aug. 2005 bought up by Utah Attorney General’s office, along with patone.com, paulpantone.com, etc.

    You might be able to view a copy here…

    Also there is this site documenting the hell he’s gone through.

    Paul Pantone Introduction

    Paul Pantone interviewed about GEET

    By the way, ever find it ironic how Oil Companies have either bought up, or created and funded most of the ‘Eco-friendly’ Groups?

    No wonder we’re not seeing any progress in the development of alternative (free) energy devices, and even the prices for the ineffective wind-mill, solar-panels, etc. has been ‘regulated’ (anti-competitive, anti-free-market, highly illegal price-fixing) by the Oil-Cartels. So even if you want to jump on the ‘alt-energy’ band-wagon, it’ll cost you an arm, a leg, an eye, a liver, your first born and their soul.

    Also, notice you cannot drive your car on any Inter-Statial Road unless you pay the ‘Gas-Tax’. The Oil-Cartel is totally embedded within the Government. Them, the IRS, the Illegitimate Federal Income-Tax, and whatnot has got to go!

    Un-elect your leaders if they do not do anything to stop these Communist criminals.

    I say ‘Communist’ because under Communism, the Government owns all manufacturing, transport, communication, etc. And the Private Central Banks and their Intelligence Agencies, along with the Oil Cartels (who by the way, also own all the Defense Contractors, Weapons Factories and the Pharmaceutical-Corporations) have become the Government.

    That’s right, you have a Privately-Owned Government, ruling the Public.

    Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, huh? (That’s Cynical-Sarcasm, BTW).

    Also, there is no shortage of oil. The American Petroleum Institute a front-group for the Oil-Cartels, is engaging in ‘Artificial-Scarcity’. Creating the impression that we’re ‘running out of oil’ so they can Charge exponentially more for it. Oil is by and large ‘abiotic’. It’s naturally replenishing.

    Biotic oil, and indeed it exists, is what we refer to as Fossil Fuels. Believe me, we’ve used up hundreds of billions of times more than all the Dead-Dinosaur Bones and Prehistoric Plants could provide.

    So we’re not running out of oil. They’re colluding together jacking up the prices, not on the basis of supply-and-demand; but due to an artificial-scarcity. Otherwise, if they were playing an honest game, oil would come down to about 18 cents, tomorrow!

  2. February 18, 2010 at 6:21 am


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