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The Convenient untruths about Al Gore

Lord Monckton takes on the “facts” asserted by Gore’s movie “An inconvenient truth”, and what does he find? Well, mostly that Gore is fully of whooey–who would expect it from the man who invented the Internet?

Error #1: Sea Levels to rise 6 meters (20 ft)

While Monckton admits that sea levels have achieved that height in the past, the actual level of projected rise would probably be only 2.5 inches via the IPCC report (now known to be a fraud) and it would take millenia to see an increase of which Gore states as “fact”.

Error #2: Pacific Islands “Drowning”

According to Gore, the effects of Global Warming are causing mass evacuation of many of the Pacific islands. This is actually a complete lie, as no evacuations have occurred. Further, in the Maldives, sea levels have been show to be the same as 1250 years ago.

Error #3: Snows in Kilimanjaro “melting”

The actual temperature in the areas of the purposed “melting” stay at a constant -7 degrees Celsius, and has not increased in 30 years.

Error #4: Lake Chad “Drying Up”

Not via global warming. It was the overextraction of water by local peoples that made it go dry. Further, this happened multiple times over history: 8500BC, 5500BC, 1000BC and 100BC.

Error #5: Hurricane Katrina “Man Made”

Hardly. A graph of hurricanes, gauging their number and intensity, shows no uptrend. I would also add that the year after Katrina, a period when Global warmers predicted even more catestrophic storms, was almost hurricane free.

Error #6: Polar Bears are Dying

This is based on 4 polar bears that actually died during a violent storm. Right, 4 bears. The truth is that the populations of Polar bears have been increasing for quite some time.
In 1940, there were only 5000 polar bears worldwide. Today there are more than 25,000. If there is global warming, it seems to be good for polar bears.

Error #7: The artic is heating faster than the rest of the Planet

Wrong. I think the reason that Gore makes these sorts of arguments is that it is hard for the average person to actually check the truth. The fact is that the arctic has been cooling for the last 60 years, and is now 1 degree C less than it was in 1940.

There are many more “facts” debunked by Monckton here.

As President Ronald Reagan once said, “Facts are stubborn things”.

Lord Monckton has challenged Al Gore many times to debate the fraud he is perpetuating, but has never had the chance to do so. It seems that Gore fears having his 500 million dollar wealth building fraud exposed for what it is.

To Al Gore: You can run but you can’t hide…

Let them know fear,


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