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Get ready for the Left wing media barrage

The narrative will probably be, “This man had an extreme dislike of Government; Was it his right-wing views that led him to become a terrorist?” They will then bring up the Tea Party, militias, Ron Paul supporters, ect.

It has already begun. Washington post contributor Jonathan Capehart added his opinion:

Joseph Stack was angry at the Internal Revenue Service, and he took his rage out on it by slamming his single-engine plane into the Echelon Building in Austin, Texas. We now know this thanks to the rather clear (as rants go) suicide note Stack left behind. There’s no information yet on whether he was involved in any anti-government groups or whether he was a lone wolf. But after reading his 34-paragraph screed, I am struck by how his alienation is similar to that we’re hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.

First of all, this guy did not espouse what the Tea Party believes in.
We do not believe in violence against the government. Nor do we believe that Capitalism is evil. Rather, that is a Left-wing view.

This guy was simply mentally unsound.

Consider these statements from Stack’s “manifesto”:

Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.

Joe Stack (1956-2010)

Notice that the first statement is right out of Marx. But the so-called “Capitalist creed” is something he made up, and it is not pro-Capitalist.

This guy just had a giant chip on his shoulder against what he saw as Govt and Capitalism. He was not a person who believed in our system, but rather he believed everyone and everything was against him.

But the “Red Meat” that the Left will be made up to suit their needs, as usual. Watch and be prepared. Remember what I said in my lost blog, they will try to demonize us to make us less powerful.




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