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Media ignoring Fort Jackson terrorism attempt?

(audio on this video is “not safe for work” but I included it because it does help one understand the radicalism spread via some Muslims, in this case, in Britain. Listen carefully for the “I ride with Bin Ladin”)

This just in:

According to Fox News, it has been reported that 5 Muslim soldiers are under investigation in a suspected plot to poison the food of Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Chris Grey, of the Army Criminal Investigation Division, told Fox News the suspects have been under investigation for the past 2 months.

The five suspects, who speak Arabic as a first language, and according to another military source, are Muslim.

The main question of interest is why the bulk of the media has yet to report this. It would be the third attempted terrorist attack in America since the beginning of the Obama Administration. And it would be the second originating within the military via the “religion of peace”.

This is what political correctness gets you, a system that ignores the warning signs. Has the military become corrupted by the touchy-feely Liberalism that plagues our society? One would have thought that of all organizations, the military would be the last place we would see this sort of thing.

What is more disconcerting is that 5 leaders in the Obama Administration have said, cryptically, that a terrorist attack on the U.S. Homeland is “certain” by July. Here is the conversation:

Senator Diane Feinstein, chairman of the Senate select commitee on U.S. Intelligence asks, “What is the likelihood of another terrorist-attempted attack on the U.S homeland in the next three to six months? High or low?”

“An attempted attack, the priority is certain, I would say,” said Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair, a retired admiral.

Four other intelligence agency leaders who appeared at the hearing with Adm. Blair said they agreed with the assessment.

What exactly do they know?

It does put under scrutiny the current “Apology Tour” of President Obama, coupled with the belief that by honoring the Islamic world, we will reduce terrorism.

It is not clear if it is new polices in the U.S. military since President Obama was elected, or if political correctness was implemented via President Bush. However, the lesson is clear: ignore Islamic radicalism at your own risk.


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