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The Obamacare facade

Even as the planned Healthcare summit on February 25th approaches, it is already pretty evident that it is more of the same, basically President Obama playing for the cameras.

The plan seems to be:

1. Get the Republicans to a fake meeting on Healthcare, and say you are ready to hear their ideas.

a) If the Republicans refuse to show up, go to your band of media croneys and say “the party of no” every chance you get.

b) Or, if the Republicans do show up, simply give a speech and lip service to their ideas (again) but ignore them. The President knows that the media will also never admit that the President lied about his good faith promise to be bipartisan.

while it is possible that the President will toss some small bone to the Republicans/Tea Party in the form of buying insurance across state lines, or allowing small businesses to pool their coverage to save money, the best test will be Tort reform. I highly doubt that this will even be remotely considered. And if it isn’t included in the bill, the President really does not want to ‘deal’.

Why do we know this? Because the President already has his plan and is going to put it online for us to view. So you want others ideas but already wrote your plan? What makes me think that this is simply a repackaged Reid/Pelosi sack of Socialist garbage?

And the Democrats are already coming up with a plan of their own: Reconciliation. In this plan, the Democrats would only need 51 votes to shut down a filibuster. But can they get that 51 votes? There are multiple so-called “moderate” Democrats who are already fearful over their prospects for reelection.

It seems that the next step is up to us. These games cannot be tolerated by the American people, and we have to make that point clear. The minute that the Democrats and President shove this Bill onto the floor via reconciliation–we have to act.

Melt the phone lines and let them know fear.


I highly recommed you watch PJTV’s Steven Crowder as he investigates Canada’s Socialized healthcare system. If you think the Govt does anthing well, guess agan.

Some high points of the video:

2 hours to see a nurse
Up to 10 hours to see a Doctor
If you need a blood test but do not have a “family Dr.”, you may have to go private. The cost for this? $900
And if you don’t have a “family Doctor”? Expect a 3 YEAR wait.

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