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Dallas Tea Party calls out Olbermann on Diversity

The first is the famous Olbermann, “Where are all the Black faces?” clip.
The second is a response from the Dallas Tea Party, directly asking Olbermann to actually attend their next event.

What is comical about the Olbermann “speech” is that it is so typical of the Left. First you make a broad, unfounded assessment about your opponents, such as “All Conservatives are Homophobic racists”. This is used to try to diminish their opponents, not by challenging their beliefs, but by putting them out of the mainstream. The charge is usually never true, and is used out of their own fear. They are afraid that their own weak and unproven principles cannot stand up to scrutiny. This is true, be it the tired old Marxist principles being tried yet again in Venezuela (and causing blackouts, food shortages, and the closing of “unfriendly” media) or the Global Warming fraud that requires religious furor and blind adherence, regardless of the fact that this year has been called the coldest since 1973.

The truth is that they fear truth. They need to mislabel their opponents. Because the President is Black, they use racism. Were the President a woman, it would be that “They hate women” (tell this to Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann), or in the case of John Kerry, that they are disparaging a war hero (one who threw his medals away, made untrue charges of war crimes on his fellow soldiers, and married a rather kooky Heinz heir so he could live in the style to which he wanted to be accustomed).

The truth be known, is that the Tea Party is about a belief. We believe in empowering the individual. We do not care about race, sexual orientation, age, ect. We welcome any and all to join us if they truly believe in our goals. We do not accept racism, sexism, or homophobia. Further, when we talk about issues such as illegal immigration, it is not about race at all, but about the law. We expect the laws to be followed, and we respect the Constitution highly.

To some on the Left, they expect us to be able to convince anyone of our beliefs and if they don’t and also happen to be Black or Hispanic, then we must be racist. This is a straw dog of an argument. We respect others’ right to believe as they wish. We welcome them to join us and to experience a Tea Party on their own, and see the truth.

People like Olbermann have never been to a Tea Party. They fear the truth. The worry that meeting Black, Hispanic, and Gay Conservatives or Libertarians will shatter their mythical image. Will Olbermann go to the Dallas Tea party and meet the many members of diverse age, ethnicity, and gender? I doubt it. Janeane Garafalo was invited to the last Dallas Tea Party and instead of being open-minded, she spewed out more hateful rhetoric.

Hatred is not to be unexpected from those who dwell in ivory towers, or who have a cast of all-white commentators, such as MSNBC. Perhaps we should demand that they follow their own self imposed beliefs and make at least half of these people be Black or Hispanic? At least then they would have a foot to stand on.


  1. February 23, 2010 at 3:00 am

    I believe it was last year that I saw a video of a young black woman giving a very eloquent speech about how she had worked hard to be more than anyone around her expected. I wish I could remember her name.

    I doubt Olbermann will show; he is famous for being a tough guy behind the camera (or keyboard) but being completely incapable of holding up under withering facts. If he does show, I may keel over from apoplexy.

    And I will wholeheartedly defend the Tea Party movement because every member I know and have met is in it to help this country, not hurt it.

    • February 23, 2010 at 3:31 am

      Thanks so much for your comments, Mel. I agree there are many diverse elements to the Tea Party movement, unfortunately the Liberal media scours the country to find the 2 or 3 whacky signs and try to misrepresent the whole movement. Basically, the Tea Party movement is one of very basic American uprising, and what could be more American?

      I long for the times of Ronald Reagan when, as President, he spoke glowingly of the greatness that made America, basically it’s people.

      Take care, and I will try to add your blog to my lineup. Feel free to stop by any time and give your insights.

  2. February 23, 2010 at 3:42 am

    Reagan had an outlook that is sorely missed. Obama is too busy apologizing for America to have any sense of pride in our country.

    Keep up the good work. If I knew how to change the blogroll I’d do it (I can’t even figure out how to change my profile photo!), but as soon as I do figure it out you’ll be on there.

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