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Repubs win the battle, Dems continue the War

We all expected the Republicans to come to the Healthcare summit and sheepishly and meekly agree (with some minor disagreements we can certainly work out) but were met with a very well prepared presentations from the “Grand Old Party”.

First of all, Senator Lamar Alexander was the perfect mix of congeniality, facts, and preemptive lawyering needed to open for the Republicans. The fact that he requested that Democrats take “reconciliation” off the table, bolstering the request with the words of the President and Harry Reid (as well as Senator Robert Byrd) in the past saying that respect for the rules of the Senate and the minority should be maintained for the sake of our Democracy.

This visibly irritated the President, as he exhibited his famed “tell” which is putting his hand and finger on his temple, tilts his head, purses his lips, glaring at either the speaker or off into space. This has been called “the look”.

Nancy Pelosi looked like one of the marionettes out of the movie “puppet master” as she grinned surreally and talked about the greatness of Ted Kennedy, ect ect. (In other words, pass this bloated bill for our lost hero)

Harry Reid came off cranky and surly as he said “with all due respect” to Senator Alexander, he should “stick to the facts” and then went on to tell a lie himself, saying that they weren’t talking about reconciliation. Senator Reid is on mic doing just that about 3 days ago.

In a stammering, disjointed fashion, the President interrupted the Republicans at every turn. In some cases telling Eric Cantor bringing a copy of the the 2400 page “Obamamonstrosity” was simply using a “prop”. Perhaps someone should explain that the summit was about talking about the Bill? And from his frustration, it seems that the President has not read it himself.

Perhaps the most important clash was between the President and his former opponent Senator John McCain, where “O” reminded the Maverick that the election was over. While highly disrespectful by the President, I would have to say that McCain’s response was a bit weak. Instead of telling the President, “Perhaps you forget, Mr. President, I am no longer campaigning, but am still the Senator for the people of Arizona.” (this would have taken the wind out of Barry’s sails, rather than the “I’m reminded about that every day” response by Senator McCain)

Overall, the Republicans did very well, were polite and factual, presented their 6-point plan, and had facts to bolster their claims.
The Democrats came off as dismissive and arrogant.

In the final equation, the Democrats wanted the opposite effect. They wanted a weak and fiscally moderate Republican party to come in, speak without facts, and lose control of their emotions. In this scenario, the Democrats win via the “We tried to reason with the Republicans, but they had no plan on the table”. But we know now this is not the case. We also know why the President didn’t want to put this spectacle on CSPAN–budding dictatorships, even if they are in your own mind, are never pretty.

The next step will be the likely attempt to shove this bill down America’s throat. We must make it clear that this won’t be acceptable. The President doesn’t care if he destroys the Democrat party for his Utopian vision, and the Democrats need to be reminded of that fact.

Call and email your Representatives. Fire up the lines until they melt.

And in the end–let them know fear.


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