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The First or Final Battle?

I was thinking today about our struggle against those who would cause the demise of our country via an “overdose of Government”: Is this the first battle of a New Era, or is this the last battle in America’s decline?

Surely, if we fight with all our collective might, we might push back the attempt to captivate and Socialize our nation. But, considering the Democrat’s seeming full blown lemming jaunt to the Apocalypse, could it be our final fight?

We cannot underestimate our opponents. Years of indoctrination have led to some pretty messed up people, with some terrible Leftist beliefs. They hate themselves, so why not hate their country? They are so myopic that they dare not be introspective. If they do, what will they find? A pretty serious case of hatred mixed with a strong urge to control others.

Yes, the Left has become an abusive spouse. If they cannot have the country, they will destroy it. Heck, they might do it anyway.

Their short sighted bull headed attempt to pass Obamacare is thought of them as their “last best chance” at forever and irreversably changing America. They know it will cost trillions, will break us, but they don’t care.

You see, the average Leftist is a pretty selfish person. Yes, selfish. They covet what others have strived for. They are willing to sink the boat in order to grab the floating cushions, if you will. And if it seems crazy, well nobody ever said that insanity makes sense.

We, on the other hand, stand firmly at the gates. We have stood there many times before, against Naziism, Communism, attempts to restrict civil rights (yes, they were against that too). Isn’t it wonderful for them to be so open minded as to believe that anything goes? Be it child slavery in developing nations, or female genital mutilation? Or Sharia Law? The stoning of women?

It is easy being on the Left you see. You walk through the gutter of filth and say, “It’s none of my problem”. Sure, they will wail and scream about the oppressed, but if asked to do anything about it, well–it won’t happen. You see, it takes little effort to steal from others via Govt control, and even less to take action against very bad people who mistreat the weak.

We will stand up and fight, and even if it is our last, we will do battle gallantly for this country we love. For it is about more than our lives, but for the future of all that come after.


  1. March 1, 2010 at 1:03 am

    They hate themselves? Where is that idea coming from? You can exaggerate President Obama’s relationships if you want and there will be some that will love to believe you. In public circles we meet people from all walks. Sometimes we see bits of truth in what they believe in though we don’t agree with their basic philosophy. We may even like and admire them as people in some ways. Our President is a decent and thoughtful person. I voted for him because he looks at a problem from all angles and makes his decisions with much deliberation. It makes me very sad to see the energy wasted in finding all the wrongs instead of working toward the solution.

    J Allison Marlowe

  2. March 1, 2010 at 3:47 am

    Rocky, he needs to keep looking to find some new angles. The American people are not happy with his leadership, or should I say lack of leadership. I don’t hate the guy, he is just over his head. He is like Jimmy Carter, only he was never a Governor. So actually, he is worse than Carter.

  3. March 1, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    Truthfully, can you name anyone that wouldn’t be over their head in the mess he walked into. I am just grateful every day that McCain didn’t win, have a hart attack and turn it all over to Sarah Palin with her “We win, you lose” attitude. It takes a little tact to not be on the other end of someone’s missile.

    • March 2, 2010 at 1:20 pm

      Yes, quite a few Governors of States that have handled the recession well at this point. Of course, this would not include Governor Arnold Swarzeneggar. The problem with electing ANY Senator is that most have never had executive experience; They don’t know how to hold to a budget, they can be cerebral and unrealistic, and in some cases can just vote “present” (as Obama did regularly in the State Senate). We are seeing the effect in the US of electing a glorified community organizer to our highest executive position.

      Say what you like about Sarah Palin, she at least was able to run a city, and then went on to run the largest State in the Union.

      Oh, and by the way, I didn’t like McCain either. He was simply a better choice of two bad Senators.

      • March 3, 2010 at 12:17 am

        I was almost about to give you credence until you 1) didn’t name anyone that could handle this better than Obama, and 2) you mentioned Palin who quit her governship amidst an investigation of misappropriation of her leadership.

  4. March 3, 2010 at 1:01 am

    Sundjata, we don’t know exactly how anyone would handle this situation, or which ones would do better than Obama. It is a definite fact that more Presidents are Governors than Senators for the reasons I detail. Mainly, they have “real world” experience running a large state. Obama doesn’t have that. Further, he was a pretty poor State senator, and a short term US Senator. He has nothing in his background (such as running a business or company) to help him either. He is a born and trained Bureaucrat. He knows policy and spending. He knows taxation.

    If you ran your household like the President runs the country, you would max out your credit card on twinkies, because you like twinkies and have always supported them. When the bill came due, you would simply get another credit card, and say “Well, the problem was here before I got here” completely ignoring the fact you foolishly filled your basement with cases of twinkies, and disregarded your power bill, taxes, and expenses. This is “business 101” but Obama never took that class.

    Palin made a decision. She was basically being harassed by lawsuit. It was an attempt to demonize her via the law. She could have stayed and fought, but many were personal lawsuits and not just against the Govt of the state of Alaska. Could she be the best Governor for the Alaskan people when piles of fake lawsuits were coming at her and the state for mere Political reasons? The truth is that none of the lawsuits stuck, but they were not intended to–they were to break her financially. She made the right choice for herself and her state.

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