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Is Mitt Romney distancing himself from the Tea Party?

Youtube clip: Mitt Romney on “The View”

Truth be told, Mitt Romney was my choice for the Republican Presidential nominee in the last election. Romney at times is pragmatically “Middle of the Road” (He had to be to win the Governorship of Massachusetts) and at other times, charmingly Conservative.

Just to flash back in History a bit, it was two major factors (perhaps 3) that doomed Romney:

A war against Romney by the sloppy Moderates Senator John McCain and Governor Mike Huckabee. At one point, Huckabee even threw his votes to McCain. Personally, I thought this was disgraceful. What if 4 “Moderates” (spelled R-I-N-O) were to run for an election against a Conservative, only to toss all their votes to the lead RINO at the end?

Another factor was the fact that the Democrats were not running candidates in Florida. So, instead of Democrats having to choose between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, they could easily register as Republicans, vote for McCain, then change back to being Democrats. Did this happen? In many cases I believe it did.

My “Perhaps three” choice was the fact that the religious right did not like Romney’s Mormonism. This is the most silly reason among the ones I have listed. You vote on Philosophy and record, not on what portion of a religion you are. I had thought this sort of thing died when John Kennedy ran as a Catholic. Obviously, I was wrong.

What is of concern to me is that Romney is favored to be the Republican nominee. Republicans like to run “the other guy”, and often this works well. Ronald Reagan challenged Gerald Ford in one election, then won the nomination in the next–the rest is History.

I still like Romney, he is actually a very funny guy, much in the same way that Tim Pawlenty is. He has taken strong stances against illegal immigration, and he is a successful businessman and Governor. He took a failing and overbudget Olympics plan and reformed it with good results. This capability in “running things” is his strongest favorable. Just look what happens when you elect someone who has never run a business or a State in President Barack Obama.

Romney right now is seemingly trying to distance himself from anyone outside of “mainstream Republicanism” and that would include the Tea Party. He even endorsed the man who cut him off at the knees (and the Tea Party generally deplores) Senator John McCain. Sure, many times business is about forgiving your foes, but this guy lost him the Presidency. Further, if his endorsements anger Americans, the ghost of John McCain may come back to haunt him yet again.

A recent interview with Romney had him saying to “Beware populism”. This could mean to simply not go the route of the Democrats in demonizing any and all opponents, or it could be a shot at the Tea Party, you judge:

“The populism I’m referring to is, if you will, demonizing certain members of society: going after businesspeople, going after Wall Street, going after people who are highly educated, people who are CEOs,’’ Romney said in an interview. “That kind of ‘All of our problems are due to that group’ is something that is unproductive.’’…
“Populism sometimes takes the form of being anti-immigrant, and appearing anti-immigrant, and that likewise is destructive to a nation which has built its economy through the innovation and hard work and creativity of people who have come here from foreign shores,’’

First of all, is he saying we are anti-Immigrant? This alone is a lie; The Tea Party is opposed to Illegal Immigration.
The Governor should know the difference.

My worry is that Romney is already the “guy” and he knows it. He thinks he can win by running to the middle now, because it is a done deal. But let me say, Governor, to win the election you need to listen to us. You may again win the battle but lose the war without our help.

This is a different environment than in 2008, the electorate is angry and know what they want from their Government. It should be possible to win if you espouse (and follow through with those values) but if you run the same campaign as McCain did, you will LOSE.


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