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The Slavery of Gun Control

As an addition to my last blog on the current fight for the 2nd Amendment in Chicago by four brave Americans, I wanted to write this piece. I think the videos above will make it abundantly clear that often the restriction of rights are aimed at minorities. This must stop.

Adolf Hitler enacted gun control for a reason. He feared the opposition of the people he wished to control, and in the case of the Jews, Genocidally murder. The wording was all too vague, stating that guns would be confiscated from “undesirables”. That vagueness is what aided the Holocaust.

In most wars, there is an “underground”, a group or collection of groups that arm themselves and fight as resistance. But in History, you see little about the great Jewish underground. It was all in the preparation.

During the Civil rights era, while racial tensions were high, another bill was passed, this time in America taking almost the same passages translated toward people of color. This time, the fear was free black men and women. It’s effect? Organizations like the Ku Klux Klan were empowered to terrorize and even kill those they hated. The people were basically defenseless. But, as Black American’s realized this, they too armed to fight for their rights. In a way, they were “resistance” toward groups that wanted to destroy them.

The freedom of arms saved these lives.

I have often said that we are brothers and sisters because we are Americans. It matters not our skin color or what country our ancestors came from–it is our Love of country that binds us.

Now, 4 bold individuals from Chicago are standing up for all our rights, and in that we should be united. We can fight for our rights both as individuals and as free Americans. This may put fear in those who wish to dismantle those same rights, or wish to impose their own brand of slavery upon us. For it seems that the modern day slavery is to Government and it’s overwhelming control.

Perhaps the next fight will not be based on racial identity but by a national one. Or perhaps it will be for the American culture, a wonderful melting pot of cultures that emboldens and strengthens us, rather than the “bold new world” of meaningless borders or language.

Join us and be strong ye people, for it is your very lives and Liberties at stake.


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