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America versus the “Doomsday Machine”

Don’t get me wrong, should the giant Leviathan known as Obamacare pass, all life in America will not be destroyed. But, we will become a “giant leap” closer to Socialism. It is for this reason that Americans are standing up to fight for Liberty and Capitalism.

I was reminded of the Star Trek episode above, in that as we face a destructive force that could both control and destroy one-sixth of the US economy, it really does seem like we can empathize with Captain James T Kirk in this episode. The “planet killer”, so named because it moves from planet to planet “devouring” them in it’s huge gullet, is very similar to the Federal Government. Each is a giant and every growing Goliath of untold sloth and obesity, and we are just simple individuals willing to fight it.

Right now there are 12 Democratic members of Congress who are opposing the bill as it is written right now. They do not want abortion paid for by the Federal Govt. and it is a “no go” with the language as written. It seems easy to say “strip that language” but it is not so simple as that in reconciliation. The House would have to accept the Senate’s bill as written, or the Senate would have to pass a new one.

The bitter pill is that the radical Left doesn’t think this bill goes far enough, and might balk at removing the abortion language. This in itself might kill the bill.

It seems not to matter how many toes they step on, Senators or Congressman they bribe, Pelosi and Reid are following the President’s orders to “get it done”. But will a few “Davids” slay this Goliath?


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