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Coffee Parties have trouble filling coffee shops

Youtube clip: Annabel Park, Leftist film maker and Obama supporter, prior to the nomination of Barack Obama. This is pretty comical, because it highlights the words that Park wants people to see, and many of them have a deeper meaning. Look for: “transform”, “take over”, “change”, “cultural”, “collaborator”.

I did some research on the “Coffee Party” and it’s confirmed “attendees” at their April 13 event. To say that the response at this point is low is to understate the truth: In some cases the “coffee partier” might end up talking to himself, literally.

I did a search for events in a 400 mile perimeter in Minnesota, to search for Coffee Party locations. At each event I found (there were six of them) the average attendance at this point is 2.3 people per coffee “nook”.

At this event, nobody has signed up at all:

Coffee Bene 53 South Cleveland Avenue St Paul, MN 55105-1004 (651) 698-2266 http://www.coffeebene.com
St. Paul, MN (usually the number of attendees is here, with a maximum of 20)

14 people? With this sort of outpouring of excitement, I think they would be better served to form a Girl scout troop and sell cookies.

Even if these events do eventually “fill up”, this would amount to 120 people. The excitement is electric!


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