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Last Man Standing

One should be used to the Liberal media by now. They lie and omit facts to bring about their desired goals. One of those goals was candidate Barack Obama. We now see the effect.

Recently, the President said that he was reenacting “Pay-Go” legislation that would make Govt have to pay for the legislation they pass. But did you really think that Pelosi and Reid would follow a bill keeping them from spending, or that Obama would remind them?

It is like everything in Government now–it is all for show.

So when a measure came up to provide 10 Billion dollars to extend unemployment benefits, few had the “grit” to stand up to the standard channels of “Tax and spend”. One Senator, Kentucky’s Jim Bunning, stood up and said “Wait”. Why not pay for that expense from unused stimulus funds?

But the machine, as I have said before, cries to be fed. And any one man who gets in the way will face brutal punishment. The first step was to have the media spread the lie that Bunning was blocking it just for show, as a way to inflict pain upon the unemployed. Obviously, this was a lie.

In USA Today, Bunning told his story:

Over a month ago, Democrats passed and President Obama signed into law the “Pay-Go” legislation. It calls on Congress to pay for bills by not adding to our debt. It sounds like a common sense tool that would rein in government spending. Unfortunately, Pay-Go is a paper tiger. It has no teeth. I did not vote for the Democrats’ Pay-Go legislation because I knew it was just a political dog-and-pony show to get some good press after some political setbacks. Since the Pay-Go rule was enacted, the national debt has gone up $244,992,297,448.11 (as of Wednesday, that is).

So as you can see, Pay-go was never meant to do anything but allow us to pretend that the President was telling us he wanted to be fiscally responsible. Basically, it was another lie.

The final reason Bunning leaves is one that might represent any of us:

have 40 grandchildren, and I want them to grow up in a country where they have all of the same opportunities I had as a child. I fear that they will not have those opportunities if Washington continues on its course of spending without paying for it. We are at over $12 trillion in debt. I know many Americans sit around their kitchen table and make the tough decisions. It is time for the politicians in Washington to do the same.

Ahh but if we could only have a Congress filled with Jim Bunnings. Were that the case, we would not have a deficit at all.


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