Patriots, Unite!

Friends, we have a choice. We can sit back and hope (we know how well “Hope” has worked at this point) or we can fight for our country until the end. So many have done so much more than we, be it the soldiers who lost their lives in Iwo Jima, facing an enemy that was willing to fight to the death, or on the beaches of Normandy, climbing over their brother’s bodies to liberate Europe and the World. But we can do this, we can call or email the “critical twelve” Democrat Congressmen who are all that stand before passage of Obamacare.

The light of a new day is possible. We can preserve this great Republic, and renew the lights of Liberty again. The founding fathers gave us, or should I say let us retain, the power to pull our nation back from the abyss of Government domination. We have but to exercise those rights to express our power.

Bill Bennet’s website has provided us with a list of the critical twelve Representatives. On that site is a link to this PDF file. This has the details to those we need to contact.

We must be firm but respectful, we must express our Love of this country to these Representatives. Let them know that it is not about party, but about Constitution, not about identity, but about love of Liberty that we ask them to stand firm. They can do the right thing, they can stand against Socialized medicine, and can preserve our Republic. Or they can take a pure party position that sides with a lust for power. We need to call upon their better natures, and remind them of why they were elected in the first place–to protect and serve the American people.

And we, the voter, will respect them for this vote. We will see them as the last of them we can trust, a bold group that is not afraid to say “enough!”. The Tea Party is watching, and we and other Americans will help those that help our nation.

Please watch Ronald Reagan’s youtube clip above, and understand the reasons why we must fight.


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