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Pentagon shooter actually Bush-hating 9/11 truther

Youtube clip: Alex Jones generally has a pretty interesting show, but he acted like a nut in this incident. Pretty interesting.

Here we go again. Apparently, the growing hatred in America is not coming from the Patriotic movements like the Tea Party, but rather the lingering sickness of the Left. Remember Amy Bishop? The media has worked mightily to keep her radical Leftism and love of Barack Obama under wraps. And what about Joseph Stack, who the media tried to pin as a person who “might attend a Tea Party”, that is until it was found that the guy was leaning toward Communism via his self-penned manifesto? The media is always looking to demonize those it disagrees with, and propping up those with which they agree. This even means ignoring the danger of their radicalism.

This will be another lesson in media corruption. Will the “mainstream media” tell the American people that the Pentagon shooter was a flaming Leftist? I doubt it. I have been watching these people for a long time, and they rarely surprise me.

There is a reason that the old media is dying. It is corrupt and filled with people who care less about telling the truth than promoting an agenda. They elected President Obama, and now work daily to provide him with the support he needs. Nothing, be in the salvation of the country, their children’s futures, or the state of the Republic mean anything to them. They are liked programmed robots aimed to “progress” their Governmental ideal.

The old media needs to die a quiet death, and the sooner the better. Long live the truth.


  1. shawnwilson
    March 5, 2010 at 9:06 pm

    It’s so frustrating to see the media pick those with views a little more outside the lines then MOST Americans and then say that every person thinks this way that goes to a Tea Party or is a 9/11 Truther. It’s dishonest and is bringing the media as we know it to an end.

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