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The Democrats Grim Apocalypse

Youtube clip: A tongue-in-cheek story about a futuristic Healthcare Apocalypse. Strangely, some of the ideas in the video seem to resemble the actual plans of the Obama Administration (no not the release of a designer virus).

A recent article by Patrick H. Caddell in the Washington post defines the problem that Democrats have if they pass the President’s Healthcare scheme: Pass it and expect Political implosion.

All Politicians want to be reelected. They do some pretty horrible things and accept money from some pretty bad sources to stay in office. A friend of mine puts Politicians below prostitutes in the human foodchain for the simple reason that “With a prostitute at least you get something for your money”, but with Politicians not only do you generally not get what you pay for, but they enrich others via your livelihood.

According to Caddell, the choice for Democrats is clear, if you vote against this monstrosity, you may face the wrath of your base, but if you vote for it you face the wrath of a much more vast electorate.

I would have to agree. Tea Party dominance in the country has exposed a broad swath of the American people that can either brand a politician as a destroyer or savior of the American Republic. Sure, many Tea Partiers will vote for the more Conservative of two candidates, but they will also be grateful to the Democrat who puts America over their own party.

Democrats remember this, your best chance at survival is to vote against this. Be unafraid of this option, because it will be gratefully accepted by the bulk of the American people.

Those who choose to ignore this face some very hard facts:

Four out of Five who oppose Obamacare “strongly” oppose it.

The American people oppose the bill by 53/42%.

When asked if they fear Government more than Insurance companies, the people admit by 51/39% that they fear the Government more.

A recent CNN poll shows that 56 percent of Americans believe that the government has become so powerful it constitutes an immediate threat to the freedom and rights of citizens.

By the same poll, only 21 percent of Americans say that Washington operates with the consent of the governed.

So the Democrats have a choice. They can be led by pure ideological radicalism into the Abyss, or breath comfortably by actually doing the job that the American people wish them to do–kill the bill.

Should they choose the former, the Democrats face a grim apocalypse at the hand of the American people.


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