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Dictatorship by any other name

Youtube clip: Rush Limbaugh does a great job defining the dangers to Democracy of “deem and pass”; Perhaps President Obama will next deem himself “President for Life”? It sounds extreme, I admit, but when dealing with extremists not entirely unbelievable.

The Democrats just can’t get the votes they need. Consistant opposition to the Leviathan known simply as “Obamacare” has not waned, but rather increased as time goes on. Said opposition has taken the form of losses to the Democrats in multiple elections, with the last one being in uber-Leftist Massachusetts.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid then decided to do something that has never been done in passing a significant piece of legislation that was not a budget bill, they said they would use the “nuclear option” known as “reconciliation”.

Reconciliation, however, requires that the House of Representatives accept the Senate Bill as whole cloth. This does not sit well with a group of anti-abortion Democrats led by Bart Stupack. Even now they say they are in opposition to the bill in it’s current form.

The Democrat leadership cannot get the votes they need, so what do they do? Enter the “Slaughter rule” a seldom if ever used method by which the leadership of the house simply “deems” the bill as passed in the house.

Since the “Slaughter rule” includes the name “slaughter” and indeed does slaughter any credibility that our Govt has left, you will hear the term “deem and pass”. But take note, “deem and pass” is a way of saying that Democracy is not needed. It seems that our representative form of Government is just too hard for the Democrats to stomach.

This is why dictatorship seems so compelling to the Left. It sweeps away all the opposition of the “little people” who are too stupid to understand the glory and greatness of Socialism.

“deem and pass” is just another way to say “dictate and rule”.

America has been taken over by an arrogant lot who has little love for our system of representation, and we have gone from “taxation by misrepresentation” to true “taxation without representation”, and this brings up to the true base of why the Boston Tea Party happened.

We have a choice, and it is a grim one. We must take on and remove our very government in one fell swoop on election day. Then we must transform it back to one of respect to our basis of law.

We the people must not resume apathy, we must stand and fight.



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