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Obama: I’ll reduce your premiums by 3000%

Can you imagine if George W had made this claim? Of course, considering the most of the media sees President Obama as perhaps the smartest man every to hold the office (despite the fact he thinks there are 57 states in the union) we are going to have yet another truth blackout.

Rush Limbaugh talked about this yesterday, and made the point that this would more than make healthcare free for everyone, they would pay you to treat you:

But let’s just look at some numbers here. Let’s apply some numbers here to this 3,000% reduction in premiums. I’m just going to pick a random number here to use. Let’s say the employer pays $4,000 in health care premiums for an employee. If his premium went down 100%, he would save $4,000, all right? If the premium went down 3,000%, that’s a savings of $4,000 (100%) times 30. That equals $120,000

Sure, it sounds crazy. Or perhaps stupid. But as any rabid fan of Barack Obama will have you know, he will produce a nation of milk and honey, a Utopia where everything is free, Socialism actually works, Government will control all things, cradle to grave. And we all know how well it works all over the world….right.


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