What I learned from the Tea Party opponents

I was at a Political rally the other day, and I won’t disclose it’s political candidates or party status based on the Tea Party’s decidedly politically unbiased nature. We our inclusive of those who guardians of our Constitution and Liberties, regardless of party affiliation. That being said, many of our members do tend to be more Conservative than not.

It was interesting that a scant number of what appeared to be Union members showed up to protest our “protest”. What they didn’t understand about us was astounding.

One man had a home-made sign which read “KKK is Tea Party”. I said hello to the man, and urged him to come inside and listen. I also said to him, “We don’t hate you–we simply disagree”. I am unsure if he believed me, but I was telling the truth.

The discussion moved to “free healthcare” being a “right”. One individual said, “What will all the people do if they don’t get Healthcare?” to which I responded, “The same thing they have done for hundreds of years.”

I told them that Americans do not want “Socialized Healthcare”, and one elderly man said, “I am a World War II veteran and I get Socialized healthcare”. I went over, shook his hand, and said, “I honor your service to our country Sir, but you and other Veterans shed blood defending our country, I think that earns you greater rights than anyone else.” He smiled, and perhaps I made one small point.

Basically, what I found out was that these people either were so indoctrinated to not see the danger to our great country. Perhaps the Union paid them to come and protest us. But they really didn’t seem to understand the chance of our country falling as a World power via sheer force of bankruptcy. One man actually said he didn’t think the national debt was “real money”. I assured him it was, basically we were spending his son’s future away. I added, “Are you and I really so different?” He had little to say about that.

When our discussion ended, I wished them all well. I simply told them that we would have to “agree to disagree” but also asked them to come inside and listen. A few actually did, surprisingly. At first, there were a few “disruptors”, but as time went on they went silent.

The facts they heard may have been the reason, we can only hope. I assume that few knew that President Obama has spent more than all previous President’s combined, or that he may soon double the national debt. And that is the debt people, not the deficit. The points made were strong ones, such as the fact that Unions will face layoffs under Obamacare–something that the protestors probably didn’t know.

I spoke to a young woman the other day, a brilliant writer for her side of Conservatism, living in Liberal California no less. Besides her writing career she also works as a nurse and worries about the state of those such as herself in the Medical field. But what really impressed me was her speech about her “Great awakening” to Politics. She grew up in a family of Democrats, and didn’t think much about Politics until 9/11. It was this great tragedy that forced her to pay attention to news, and she began to understand that we are not meer idle members of society, we are the components of a Great Republic. If we take no part, refuse to educate ourselves–we can lose our rights. As she awakened she began to act, writing and speaking on the issues of the Constitution, about the protection of our allies in Israel, about her faith.

She knew that once engaged, the awakened cannot turn back. I truly think there are many Americans just like her. Perhaps some of the Union members I spoke to, although it may take a longer time for them.

So, my friends, watch for truth and fear the media’s indoctrination. Seek out facts and begin to engage your Government and monitor it’s actions. You are not gears in a machine as under Socialism, you are what makes up America.


  1. March 29, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    Good stuff, I enjoyed reading this. Im trying to at least start some conversation on my blog, perhaps you wouldn’t mind taking a look at mine. http://exposingliberty.wordpress.com/

  2. themadjewess
    March 29, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    Very good post, these people are SOOOOO wrong!

    • March 30, 2010 at 3:29 pm

      Hey madjewess! Yes, they were interesting individuals. It is too bad you weren’t there to help me verbally set them straight. I doubt it helped much, but it was fun and enlightening.

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