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Obama’s Bait and Switch

(Where ARE the rebates and middle-class taxcut, Mr President?)

(How things change, or have they? Call me dubious.)

On the face of it, one might welcome President Obama’s remarks on expanding “exploration” of some areas for offshore oil and natural gas drilling. What the “Greens” rarely tell you when they expound about replacing Petroleum and Coal as sources of energy production is that the bulk of America’s energy comes from those sources. How much will it cost to replace coal alone? Are you willing to have a 300% increase in your energy bills yearly? Are you willing to have an Windmill farms across the entire USA? These are questions you have to consider.

But the problem with much of what the President says, it is likely disingenous. To Mr Obama, any such methodology is merely a “means to an end”. Basically, he knows what few Americans know: He can make a statement about expanding “exploration” while letting the Environmental lobby sue and block drilling. And even if we should win the right to drill, the entire process will take 10 years probably.

Why make the claim in the first place? Because his polls are sagging. Not as badly as that of Congress, but at a dangerous and steep descent unmatched by any modern President. Barack Obama believes in words more than he does commitment. He believes he can fool the people to get what he wants, and he wants Cap and Trade. And cap and trade is yet another tax on the American electorate. It is less likely to effect the rich than the poor, who are forced to pay a large portion of their income on fuel and electrical costs.

President Obama does not believe what he says about offshore oil drilling or Nuclear power plants, but he is giving them lip service for the sake of his true goal of a Marxist Utopia. Just watch the videos above and tell me if you agree–I welcome your comments.


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