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Why I am a Conservative

I couldn’t say it better myself. When I first watched this video, I found myself almost verbally saying out loud, “You’re right!” but of course I retrained myself. I wish that this man used his full name, but we do know his first name is “Jamal”. He should seriously run for office in my opinion, and I urge him to do so.

It constantly amazes me how Liberals/Progressives try to define Conservatives and Tea Party members as being uninformed. We are not uninformed. Just talk to any Conservative and ask them their opinion on any issue. They will give you a well thought out argument for their beliefs.

I think the reason for this is that we know the basis for greatness. Ronald Reagan knew this all too well, he knew that it was the greatness of the people that made America what it is. When he called the United States, “The Shining City on the Hill” it was not mere rhetoric. Jamal does not say it, but it sounds like he would define himself as a Reagan Conservative.

What worries the Democratic Party is that there are more people out there like Jamal than they dare recognize. They cannot understand why we do not willingly accept the yoke of Government. It is their own denial that forces them to demonize the American people. They cannot believe that so many disagree with their heavy-handed tactics, as their tiny inner circles are so completely opposite from us in Philosophy.

What do you do when the “Great Awakening” occurs among the American people? Perhaps you try to define them as radical or label them as racist, homophobic, sexist, or just plain dumb. It is their last hope of shaming some into voting for their legislative slavery. Will it work? I wouldn’t bet on it–but it is the only bet they have left.

It is Conservatives like Jamal that inspire others via their deep belief in the American “brand” of free and open Capitalism, Liberty, and Constitutional adherance that is truly revolutionary. Is it “progressing” to force failed Marxist principals upon the last and greatest Republic?When considered logically, can there be any other way of thinking but Conservatism? It not a “feeling” like Liberalism, it is based on tried and true principals. While some may disagree, and we welcome their debate, they truly have little chance of winning beyond forcing their beliefs upon us.


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