I know you are, what am I?

This is one of the most informative videos exposing the black heart of some Democrats in Congress, and why we need to remove them at the ballot box. Frankly, it is similar to the United Nations calling out Israel and the United States for hate crimes while a good number of UN members still allow slavery, child prostitution, and female genital mutilation. This is not just the pot calling the kettle black, it is the pot calling the snow black.

Representative Steve Cohen’s words drip with hatred for the Tea Party, saying that it’s members are little more than Nazis and KKK members. Sigh, don’t these people ever get any new material?

As a defender of Israel I am getting pretty tired of the Liberal Jew who cares little about possible Genocide in Israel, while relishing the destruction of the United States via their loopy Marxist ideals. I know many great Jews who swear “never again” to the next holocaust, and understand how important the survival of the United States is.

Cohen is someone who needs to be removed from Congress for his phoney and ridiculous statements, and we can do it next time he is up for reelection. Mr. Cohen, we will not forget you or your words about the American people.

At one point Cohen talks about how he wished that he could shut up the protesters during the vote for Obamacare, then scoffed when a Republican challenged him by reminding him about this little thing called the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

Cohen lets the cat out of the bag I think. He admits he hates America, wants to shut up those he disagrees with, and that he is willing to criticize any American that disagrees with Socialism. Poor Steve, he needs to get together with Sean Penn and they can slobber all over each other about Hugo Chavez.

Let them know Fear.


  1. teapartysam
    April 3, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    All the left talks about and hypes is racism and division and the victim status of their constituents. It’s sad. It really gets tiresome.


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