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Obama or the Tea Party, who is more popular?

It would seem that the answer is: The Tea Party.

In a recent Rassmussen poll asking just that question, the popularity of President Obama continues to plummet. But the Tea Party, despite being demonized daily, is doing just fine. 48% of those polled said they like the Tea Party, while just 44% identify with the President.

It would seem that this is the reason for the demonization; If someone outpolls you, you can only try to bring them down by any means possible, and hope that those in newer polls find themselves in your ranks.

As I have said before, I don’t believe we have yet reached “Barack Bottom”, but we are continuing to move in that direction, despite the best efforts of Raum Emmanuel.

They can only hope that the more they throw against the wall, the greater chance that something will stick. So far, our wall is teflon.

There is just something that people like about people defending their country, of talking about the Constitution, about Liberty, and saving our children’s future, which seems good to the American public.

The President is the opposite of this, seeming to always take America in a direction that people disagree with, blaming our country for all the world’s problems, and sheepishly whining and kissing the ring of foreign dictators.

While it can be wrong to criticize a person’s patriotism via their Party, I don’t think the President is very Patriotic. I see him as the type who would avoid fireworks on the 4th of July, being happier to sun himself on the beach in Bermuda away from all that red, white, and blue nonsense.

The President could turn this around, but it would mean actually pretending to care for his nation, to take tough stances against dictatorships, and seeming to be at least a little pro-Capitalist. The problem is, he would not believe it, and Obama is an ideologue rather than a pragmatist.


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