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Tea Party racism: “Enough is…enough!”

Reverend Wayne Perryman takes on the misconception spread by the media that the Tea Party is racist. He makes the point that a tiny few radicals in any group may indeed be racist, but that you cannot judge anything from those people.

I agree with the Reverend. I have been looking at many of the Youtube videos which label the Tea Party as “The new KKK” and compares it to the Nazi Party of Germany. The problem with these videos is that they can’t find much in the line of racism among the Tea Party anywhere. They make videos of people holding signs talking about Liberty and disagreement on big govt and then intersperse them with old videos of the Nazis and KKK rallies. A pretty sad tactic, really.

Reverend Perryman then goes on to mention the truth about the KKK and racism, and how it was the Democratic Party that stood lockstep with the KKK in most of the cases where Black Americans were shot, stabbed, hanged, and mutilated. If nothing else, the Democratic party turned a blind eye to these outrages, while standing firmly against the promotion of Civil rights.

Of course when you have the bulk of the media parroting your lies, it is easy to demonize those you disagree with. The truth is a very nagging problem that you can ignore to promote your form of Politics.

The simple fact is that black, latino, and Asian members of the Tea Party are not only tolerated, but like Reverend Perryman, they are cherished. We only ask for a deep love of country and a belief in Liberty.

It is the progressive groups that seem to be most hateful, and they wish to project that hatred upon the Tea Party. To this, we say no Thank you.


  1. teapartyjim
    April 6, 2010 at 1:44 am

    Yeah, to oppose socialism is racist. Huh??? No, the MSM couldn’t POSSIBLY have an agenda, could they?!


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