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“Stupid” Tea Partier owns Congressman

You have heard the claims by members of the media and from certain members of the Left (not that the two aren’t the same group at this point) that members of the Tea party are actually misguided nincompoops who don’t know a thing, but are simply expressing their feelings about a President of color.

In the above video, we find out just how smart many members of the Tea Party are. The Tea Party believes in the Constitution as the bedrock of what makes America what it is, while many politicians see it as just a Historical document, or in some cases as meaningless. Some even see it as a roadblock to “Change”–ahem, Mr. President?

I have strongly urged those who have never been to a Tea Party to experience one. Especially if you are a Democrat or Obama voter. Do not believe what you hear on the television, come experience it for yourself. You will find that much of what is said and done is mere Patriotism and love of country, coupled with a concern for the future of this great nation.

If you talk to the average Tea Partier you will likely be surprised at their knowledge of History and politics. Many of these people may be new to the Political world, but were always tried and true believers in History.

The Republican Congressman in this video can be blamed for his lack of knowledge about the Constitution, but few can quote it word for word. I don’t think this is needed. But, our Political leaders should know the basic tenets of what the Constitution says.

At least this man was allowed to speak. Can you imagine how quickly a Democrat Representative would have shut him down, ridiculed him, or had Union thugs scream and shout him down? When allowed to speak, the Tea Party seems remarkably sane in comparison, no?



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