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Silly Liberals, Tricks are for Kids

I decided it doesn’t hurt to see a bit more of the filter-feeders (infiltrators) in their own element, namely being annoying and uninformed to a fine bunch of people expressing their beliefs of American liberty. Sure, they have 1st amendment rights, and we all must respect that, but there is also a responsibility to be fair, factual, and not be profane in front of women and children. Apparently this is lost on the fellow in the above video. This is pretty enlightening in regards to the anger and hatred of the Left, however.

Now this guy seems in over his head. He really wants to be a thorn in the side of the Tea Party, but he just can’t muster the cajones to just come out and either admit it, or unabashedly charge into a crowd including many U.S. Veterans who fought for his rights to express his foolishness. Perhaps, at the last minute, he realized this was NOT a good idea.

Now this is the most common form of infiltrator (“potted plant”): uninformed, glum, and refuse to say anything beyond generalities like, “You are all racists, I just can’t point any out from where I am standing”. Basically, this is the average Obama voter–uninformed, uncharismatic (hence their love of “the one”) and singularly boring.

What do you do when you feel your right to play “World of Warcraft” in your parent’s basement is being threatened? Why of course, you and your nerd buddy come out to express your well, limited outrage.

This is a longer video, but informative. The protesters and infiltrators start at 1.53. The filter-feeder at the end does his best to hide behind his sign, but then actually tries to say he is a member of the Tea Party (fail) and seems confused when he is asked about being homophobic. He doesn’t know what “teabagger” really means, or feigns stupidity–I side with the former.

Trust fund baby makes a sign–need we say more? Well no, but I also need to make the point that if your girlfriend has wider shoulders than you do, and needs to straighten your tie as you grin like a boy on Christmas morning, something is very wrong. Go drive Daddy’s Ferrari, little man.

Fantastic takedown by the security guy. I am a fan of MMA too, but wish he would have applied a little “Ground and pound”. Notice how this cretin cries like a baby when they handcuff him. The only statement missing was, “Don’t tase me Bro!”.


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