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Snippy Chihuahas of the Left

I recently wrote about one of the most fantastic candidates currently running for Congress, Colonel Allen West. Little did I know, but he would come out and prove me correct in such a short amount of time.

Mr West was recently speaking to a group of his supporters, where he took on the typical opposition that it seems any Conservative black candidate is forced to face, basically the “Snippy Chihuahuas” of the Left. West makes it clear that they are picking the wrong fight if they are going after him; he simply is not going away.

Colonel West then quotes a scene from the movie “Gladiator” and says we need to “Hold the line”. I contend we won’t just hold the line, but we will push them back.

One thing that the Tea Parties have done is let the American people see who and what the Left is in comparison to the average American. The Left is vicious, ignorant, and ideologically opposed to what America stands for. When compared to the Tea Party, a group of average Americans proudly standing in defense of what President Ronald Reagan called “The Shining city on the Hill”, the Left looks very petty and seriously deranged. If you do not understand what I am talking about, just look at my last blog entry and watch the videos.

To Allen West, this is a great battle for the American way. Just as American soldiers have fought to defend us from Naziism, Communism, and Imperialism, this battle is tantamount to the freedom and survival of every American. If you think this is overblown, then you have simply to understand that the Obama Administration’s attempt to lower American status also puts us in danger of military threat as well as fiscal threat. If we are forced to convert to a European style Socialism, then we must also almost completely defund the military to fund the “utopia”.

West is by far one of the best men running this season, as I have said before, among a group of rising stars. If I were to name another name that we will surely hear more and more, Chip Cravaak may be the other. Reagan Conservatism is alive and well, and we intend to take on the new “Jimmy Carter”, Barack Obama.


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