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Ed Schultz, poltroon

It seems that Ed did not like a Democrat Tea Party member calling his show to tell him why he is a member of the movement. So why DO members of the Left get so defensive when faced with the truth?

I guess it is a little like the movie, “Liar, Liar”. People often do not want to hear the truth. And the truth about Liberal ideology has been pretty clear for quite some time–it is destructive to any nation.

As time goes on the Left is getting more and more shrill. Their rhetoric is getting more and more ridiculous. “The Tea Party killed Jimmy Hoffa!! The Teabaggers step on cute puppies!!” It is what happens when people don’t like you–they start to ignore you. And how do they respond to this? By screaming louder.

Ed Schultz seems to be in competition at MSNBC to be the whackiest moonbat. The problem is that he has some very strong competition.

Personally, I don’t hate Ed or his kind, although I am sure he would not say the same about me. I pity him. I know that perhaps pity should be reserved for people who are not trying to actively destroy our nation, but I can’t help it. The guy is a sad and angry person.

The more that the Tea Party does not fit into their mold, the louder the Left with become. The Tea Party refuses to become what they are, and this confuses them. Liberal protest has long been a violent and messsy thing; People who attend these protests often do not understand or care about the “big picture” or know enough to form a cogent argument. They just get on the bus, both figuratively and physically, and do what the Democratic Party tells them to do.

This is why they cannot understand us, because we are not driven by hatred, but rather by a goal of returning our country to what it once was. And this is counter to the progressive goal of Socialism where parasites eat away at a nations core until it collapses.


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