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Buy a truck, get an AK-47

Another CNN reporter “owned” by a Conservative business man.

It is pretty hilarious how the reporter seems to ponder why anyone would need an AK 47. That is not the point, people have the right to own one if they wish. Further, if an advertisement for an auto dealership offends your sensibilities, then don’t buy a car from them.

This video really defines the Liberal mentality well, and reflects it upon what the average American believes. Basically, to the CNN reporter, there are a few “truths” which she feels are basic, but are actually Liberal baloney of the highest order:

AK 47s, being an “ugly gun” are not needed in our society.

The AK 47 is probably the most popular gun in the world. It is highly reliable, and can work with little lubrication, in the sand and mud, ect. It is also an effective deer rifle. The Maxmotors representative makes a great point about how 2 people and their foster children were attacked and killed with firearms that were likely illegal, as they may have been fully automatic. AK 47s sold in the US are not fully automatic. I am not saying that an AK would be my first choice for home defense, but it certainly would work as one.

The use of “God” in an advertisement.

I wonder if this woman actually thinks that any reference to God, be it Jesus, Buddha, Allah, ect. is illegal to use or in some way offensive. Again, if the people that buy trucks and cars object to this, they will not buy from Maxmotors. But it seems to be working for them.

The use of “American” in an advertisement.

Yep, we have gotten to the point in Obama’s America…oops, I mean in Obama’s “equal world entity” where the use of the word “America” is not longer politically correct. You can see who these CNN people voted for, and at the same time they think we are stupid enough not to notice.

Personally, I could care less if someone used “satan” in an ad for a blender. I just wouldn’t buy that product if it offended me. To the Left, words that they disagree with need to be banned, and the mere mention of a gun eradicated from society.


  1. April 22, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    How long before “Government motors” tries to get this guy’s dealership stripped?

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