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Get ready for “Obamnesty”

Few knew that we were racially profiling innocent job workers as they came across the Southern border of the United States, but we apparently were. The fact that many Mexicans look alike, wear similar clothes, and universally seem unable speak English being used as factors mere feet from the U.S. border should not be allowed, or at least that is what we are being told.

What is the limit? A mile, five, one-hundred? At what point does the assertion that a person acts, speaks, and looks like an illegal alien become “racial profiling”? If you ask a person for their green card mere feet from the border couldn’t this also be a slur against their civil rights?

In the world of Barack Obama, it seems the goal is to never be able to ask for identification of national identity. Why? Because he needs the voters to finish the job he has started to fundamentally destroy the American way.

Think about it, did you ever think you would see large groups of obvious illegals shouting about their “Right” to free healthcare, jobs, schooling, and residency? Could it happen in Mexico? Of course not, they have borders there they defend, and arrest people who violate them.

Did you ever think that Mexico’s President would comment about Arizona state law? This recently happened when Felipe Calderon said that Arizona’s law would cause more “hate”. My question to Mr Calderon would be, “By whom?”.

After all, it isn’t American citizens who are smearing refried beans on the windows of state buildings in the shape of a swastika. It isn’t Mexican ranchers who are being murdered by Americans streaming across their border.

Ignoring borders and allowing uncontrolled immigration is what destroys nations. It destroys culture. And when a nation is no longer unified in a way where it’s citizens see themselves as part of that nation, then they can easily revolt against that country.

If you talk to many illegals, they hold no great regard for the United States, in fact many say our country is not as good as their own. Why come here? Not Freedom, but free-things: Free benefits.

Barack Obama wants open borders. Open borders mean a never ending stream of Democrat (Socialist) voters. Who loses in this scenario? Anyone who currently is an American citizen. Our lives, our country, and our children’s future will be squandered to enrich the world’s poor. And it is happening without our concent, but by the illegals who are coming here, and the Govt that wants them to gift them with power.

Arizona’s law is doing what the Federal law already has the ability and requirement to do, but isn’t. It is simply allowing State troopers and police officers to identify and detain illegal immigrants for the very act of breaking our nations laws.

If we don’t stop this, in 40 years we will not longer be the “United” States, but an amalgam of fighting international invaders intent on divying up the remainder of our nations resources.


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