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A ticket to ride–to San Francisco

Hot Air talks about the move by San Francisco to ban travel to Arizona by public employees in a recent story.

Eager to burnish the city’s reputation as a Liberal enclave, it seems that Mayor Gaven Newsome quickly jumped at the chance to make a headline. Illegals take note, one of the most friendly sanctuary cities in America toward you is San Francisco.

I have a solution that I think would aid both Arizona, and the illustrious and deteriorating (although beatiful) city of San Francisco:

Give a free one way ticket to any illegal who wants to relocate to San Francisco.

This is a great solution. Think about it, Arizona can reduce it’s problems with illegal immigration, the lawlessness, the high unemployment, the benefit costs, and they can say they are looking out for illegals. After all, if you move to an American safe haven, they don’t have to return to Mexico.

San Francisco can then claim the highest illegal population in America. They can change their city language to Spanish, and staunchly enforce it. Speaking English will become a “no no”. Sure, it will be costly, but considering that Nancy Pelosi is your congressman, just ask her for the money to do it. It is for a worthy cause.

Overnight, San Francisco can become Mexico, and why not?

Right now, illegals already want to leave Arizona. People will not pick up day laborers, for fear of breaking State (which mirrors unenforced Federal) law.

Everyone gets what they want: Arizona residents, who favor the new law, get to rid their state of many problems, while San Francisco can express it’s endless political and Social Liberalism.

I am sure that if a fund is made to help pay for this, the American people will help out these people. Since 60% of Americans support Arizona, a great many will contribute to the “Illegal relocation project”. Sure, a ticket can also be back to Mexico or whatever country of origin if you wish, or to San Francisco.

Let’s make this happen people!


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