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MMA Legend Don Frye not a big Obama Fan

Youtube clip: Don Frye versus Takayama (One of Frye’s most famous battles)

He was in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) before it was big. He also became a huge fan favorite in Japan under the Pride Fighting Championships. Basically, if you know the legendary toughness attributed to Chuck Norris, then you probably should know Don Frye. With a voice that sounds like dry granite, and a mustache any Cowboy would respect.

Don Frye is a “Man’s man”. And he fears no man, either.

In the above interview, Don is his interesting self as usual, talking about fighting (still), gawking at the girls, and expressing his very American (Conservative) political views.

In an interview by Ariel Helwani, Helwani asks Frye about “Competition” between MMA organizations:

AH: “Do you think it’s good for the sport to have number two competition? Someone threatening the UFC? (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

DF: “Oh hell yeah, competition is what made the USA great…”

Don then goes on to talk about the root of the problem as he see it in America right now:

“We’re a great nation, as long as we don’t go Socialist.”

Helwani doesn’t know what to make of this discussion, but Frye continues, making it pretty clear when the problem started. It was right about the time of the Bailouts under President George Bush, and then Barack Obama was elected and all bets were off.

“We need to stay the course, the way we were several years ago. Now we’re kinda veering off in the wrong direction…Capitalism is what makes the country great.”

Frye, a true character, also seems to know his History, and it is evident in this quote:

“I don’t want to see anything go socialist…it’s a proven failure.”

More a living legend at this point than a man, Don Frye may just live forever.


  1. AWB
    December 14, 2010 at 6:52 am

    Long time since I’ve been here. I just found this article today.

    Hilarious gut-busting laugh at Frye’s comment “[…] That’d be a helluva triangle choke to be caught in!” [In reference to the girl that just walked past, ironic timing – if you’re familiar with MMA, you’ll know what that entails.] That being said, I never saw Frye as the political type! But I guess wisdom sort of comes with age for many.

    {Side-Note: If you follow his videos Helwani is a great interviewer…But we can debate, MMA kinda went socialist ever since we adopted rules, time limits, etc. Back in the old days, and I’ve been following it since 1996 (back when I only knew of Pancrase, Shooto and the UFC) before that UFC was likened to NHB – No Holds Barred/Vale-Tudo style Bare-Knuckle fighting. Still I’m happy it’s become as big as it has today. Plus they’re not really killing each other any more. It’s a lot safer.}

    Another MMA fighter worthy of inclusion, though mostly as an ‘anti-war’ guy, is Jeff Monson. He’s not perfect, but he tries whereas most others are ‘all talk’:


    “Monson said he’d planned the protest with “anarchist friends” on Nov. 26, but proceeded alone when they didn’t arrive. An ESPN photographer and writer, who were profiling the outspoken political proponent, documented the act, which appeared in a snapshot accompanying the article in the Dec. 29 issue of ESPN The Magazine.”


    Monson — who said he’s attended protests, been tear gassed, detained and arrested for his beliefs in the past — was initially disappointed by the lack of media coverage his act had drawn.


    “I feel totally justified in what I did,” Monson told Sherdog.com. “I just wanted people to know that there’s an illegal war going on right now and we’re four years and running. People are dying. There’s 800,000 Iraqis dead and we don’t seem to realize it.” Monson contends that the money used to fund the war could be better used stateside to tackle poverty. “When we talk about the economic problems we have in this country right now and we’re spending over a billion dollars a week on this war? Wow. There you go,” he said.


    Still, nice to see what you’ve done with the website.

    Keep up the good work DPR!

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