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Stinky Hippies vandalize, mainstream media ignores

Imagine the scene: The Tea Party, so angered by the issues important to them, march to their local capital building en masse. They spraypaint “Obama sucks” and profanities on the walls, and smash windows in local businesses. They scream and wail like loonies as the Police come in to arrest them, and leave garbage in their wake that takes hours for city employees to clean up.

And the media all but ignores them.

Of course, this scenario has never happened with the Tea Party. But it did happen recently as self described “anarchists” stormed the city of Olympia, Washington.

First of all, let me clarify that the disheveled hippies in the above videos may call themselves Anarchists, but they are actually Socialists. True anarchy would lead to the death of most of them. Notice that they talk about banning oil and coal, about the evils of money, and how they hate business. Basically, these are Obama’s “people”. This is why they were ignored.

Shouting “Si Se Puede” (Spanish for “Yes we can”–remember that phrase?) the throng of dirty and unkempt radicals streamed through Olympia, showing the other side across from the Tea Party–the true radicals.

Just as people forgot what it meant to have a Leftist in the Whitehouse, some have forgotten how nutty these cretins are. They are the same people who have in the past vandalized auto dealerships in California, have burned down housing projects because they don’t like rich folk, and have thrown urine and feces on soldiers returning from Vietnam.

Bill Clinton can slur the Tea Party by saying it’s members are filled with hatred, but the true haters are on the Left, and always have been.

And while these people have yet to take power, their older brethren have. The Global warming movement is nothing more than an attempt to steal from the taxpayers while shutting down petroleum and coal producers. The attack and nationalization of the banking system is by people who fundamentally disagree with “wealth” unless it is their wealth. President Obama recently said, “Isn’t there a point where you have enough money?” What he means by this isn’t aimed at himself or the “chosen elite” but is toward every man, woman, and child who are the gears in the machine of Socialism.

So you know that when they take up the case of Arizona’s law to stop illegal immigration, that the law must be just, because they are always so completely wrong.

It is amazing how little these people have changed since the 60’s. The only difference is that they have one of their own in the Whitehouse.


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