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Tell Tale Signs of incompetence and the Times Square bomber

Youtube clip: The individual shown is apparently Faisal Shahzad, and the media described him as a “furtive white male”. Notice that this supports the assertion that the media is trying to constantly help the Obama administration in it’s attempt to demonize the Tea Party and other groups opposed to the President’s policies.

The attempted bombing in New York City’s Times Square should be a warning: The Obama Administration is horribly incompetent in dealing with terrorism.

Just look at the facts:

For the past few months, the administration has refused to talk about terrorism. Instead, they have dubbed such acts as “man-caused disaster”. So, in reality, all Obama’s men take the “See no evil, say no evil” tact on the grim reality that terrorism is real. Why? there are multiple reasons. One is that the Obamists want to distance themselves from George W Bush’s tenacious “war on terror”. President Bush justly took the belief that terrorism was a huge problem, and decided it was important to battle the problem on all fronts. President Obama refuses to do so, thinking that his great oratory powers will be enough to convince Islam that we are not the enemy. The President’s own base, the radical Left, also hates President Bush so much that they are blinded to reality.

The President has also exposed his weakness to the world by constant refusal to deal with “bad players” in the world, like Iran and North Korea. The simple fact that while this whole episode happened, Iranian “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinijad was speaking in New York City. This alone is a sign of weakness, since Ahmadinijad has been so open about his belief in destroying Isreal should Iran be able to secure a nuclear weapon. Obama’s response to this rhetoric? To demonize Israel about settlements in it’s own capital of Jerusalem. Again, this reeks of weakness and concession.

Much has been made of President Bush’s use of the Patriot Act to “listen in” on communications between Americans calling countries leading the pack in terrorism. Now we know why. The suspect, Faisal Shahzad, 30, is a naturalized American citizen who recently traveled to Pakistan and was communicating to others in that country from our soil. Had his communications been monitored, this event may have been caught before it got to this stage. And we should take no comfort by the fact that this act did not end in tragedy, it easily could have. No thanks to the Obama administration for their inaction.

There is also the case of the Fort Hood shooting by Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan. After 9/11, it seems that an attempt has been made to “prove our goodness” in the miltary by pushing political correctness. Hassan was known to be lazy, radical, and was so bold about his Islamic beliefs his own business card had S.O.A. (soldier of Allah) emblazoned on it. Instead of drumming Hassan out of the military, which would have happened to any non-Islamic military member with his level of incompetence, he was allowed to stay and even promoted.

The Obama Administration has also denied a request to get to the bottom of the ignorance (or refusal to deal with) Hassan’s increasingly bizarre presence in our country’s defense system. Can you say, “Cover up”?

There is also the issue of “profiling” which the Left is constantly harping about. Israel uses profiling to stop terrorism, and does so unabashedly. What is wrong with recognizing that most terrorists come from certain groups? To the Left, and Obama and he is people are the Left, it is “fair” to search small caucasion children and aging black paraplegic women in equal proportion to 30 yo Islamic males who travel to Pakistan. This is foolish, and in time will be deadly.

There is also the use of the word “terror” improperly to demonize President Obama’s opponents, namely the Tea Party. Recently, the militia group known as “The Hutaree” was arrested for a plot to attack the Police and govt. Sure, if this were true, it would be a reason for their arrest. But it was the concern of a “true Liberal” Judge, US District Judge Victoria Roberts, about the seeming lack of actually ability or action to carry out an attack, that lead her to release them on bail recently. Remember that this arrest happened very close to Tea Party demonstrations, in unison with statements by President Bill Clinton about concerns about “violence” and “domestic terror”. Obviously, this arrest was timed for political effect.

So, while we are seeing obvious attempts to attack our nation from within by Islamic radicals, we are either ignoring these attempts or trying to divert America’s attention to groups opposed to the President’s destructive Socialist agenda.


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